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White Porsche Boxter S higher performance

White Porsche Boxter S higher performance side viewWhite Porsche Boxter S higher performance, Once the detail, every curve of her body seemed alive and Boxter S emits a strong passion for compelling. Boxter S is the true version of 'higher performance at Porsche in the category of mid-engine roadster. Standard variants already present with a more powerful engine, better brakes and suspension modifications for the sake of optimizing the driving. Seated behind the two seats 3.4-liter engine flat-six boxer capable of pumping 310 horsepower and torque of 266 pound-feet. Updates version of the Boxster S than its predecessor, including features direct fuel injection which produces 10 additional horsepower and fuel efficiency
Although there was little change in the heart of this car racing, in cooperation with the Techart SR Auto able to give a fresh new look on the outside view 'the white'. Starting from the front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper is purely up to the draft Techart. Techart distinctiveness stroke clear of a more aggressive bumper and a touch of kit that is designed aerodynamically. Not only that fog lights also been modified to use alumina, while the main lights (headlamp) adopted a model of Xenon.

Removing the aura of this sporty German cars, SR Auto then lowered the car wearing a new composition of the output of H & R. Of the legs is paired with leading products in the form of a set of wheels Trafficstar RM1 size 20 inch painted black diamond. Although there was no change in the cabin, driving a car is clearly a dream for everyone. Hurray for SR Auto

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