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Volvo review – Volvo S60 R-Design long-term 2012


Volvo review - Volvo S60 R-Design long-term 2012 front view

Volvo review S60 R-Design long-term 2012, Take, as an example, the eagerness red Volvo S60 R-Design that recently left the fleet.

The automobile came with several expectations; with a turbocharged straight-six creating 325 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torsion and all-wheel drive, it had been expected to be a terrific all-season player. And it was, with editors rolling up the miles quickly. quite one,700 within the 1st week alone and nearly nine,000 within the half-moon we have a tendency tore testament to only what quantity we enjoyed the automobile.

Volvo review - Volvo S60 R-Design long-term 2012 back view

But then within the second quarter, we have a tendency to discovered one thing regarding the automobile we actually want we have a tendency to hadn't, A typical grocery looking expertise for one in every of our editors went awry once a jug of detergent within the trunk cracked, merchandising its contents and soaking the carpet, the insulation and, a lot of to our surprise, all the electronic modules below. The right-rear parking-brake management unit shorted out and a few connectors suffered major chemical reaction.

The end result: we have a tendency to were while not the automobile for twenty days whereas our native Volvo dealer sourced the varied elements. Twenty days while not the automobile hurt regarding the maximum amount because the $1,041.74 tab for the repair.

The second-quarter repair woes did not stop there, as we wanted a replacement screen, too. as a result of the automobile is thus new within the market, the sole supply was the dealer, and $805.47 later, we have a tendency to were back on the road. Those 2 things, and a group of Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3Ds ($914.66), were the most important prices for the year.

Those incidents aside, the automobile was well-loved for its twelve months in our custody, with the overwhelming majority of notes within the record book glowing regarding its options.

The most commented-on things were the seats: we have a tendency to loved  them. With the S60 seeing some comparatively long visits to Chicago and northern Michigan, drivers came away inquisitive why all automobile seats are not this smart. “Every automobile ought to have seats as snug at these,” summed up one driver.

Other likes were the aggressive exterior style, that silky-smooth straight-six beneath the hood; and therefore the car's crisp handling and responsive steering. Most editors praised the straightforward Scandinavian style attribute used for the inside, though the tiny buttons on the middle stack were somewhat an excessive amount of for others.

While the car's six-speed automatic was praised for its sleek shifts, it had been derided for not having paddle controls to work the unit manually.

Unfortunately, a manual transmission isn't AN choice.

An even larger negative was the car's navigation system. “The nav system is among the suckiest i have been subjected to,” wrote one editor. “The scale at that one should place the map to browse street names—so shut you lose all mapping perspective—makes it totally unusable if you actually got to realize your manner.”

The small trunk was conjointly noted by many editors as a downside.

But within the finish, we have a tendency to rolled up thirty one,089 miles, that is extremely smart considering the automobile Saturday on a dealership's elevate for twenty days. throughout the twelve months, we used 1,343.9 gallons of fuel, for a web results of twenty three.1 mpg, one or two of mpgs higher than the independent agency estimate.

Throughout its year with United States, the S60 R-Design was compared against a previous semipermanent fleet favorite, the Audi S4.

“I've same it before: The S60R is AN Audi S4 for fewer cash,” wrote one editor, tho' another chimed in, “Not a nasty automobile, however I positive cannot see ME taking one in every of these over AN S4 or C63.”
Volvo review - Volvo S60 R-Design long-term 2012 interior
So that dialogue continues. however generally, the Volvo won several new friends.

“It's well refrained from being overdone,” wrote our news editor. “There's lots to be same for that.”

2012 Volvo S60 R-Design

Miles driven (quarter/to date): half-dozen,317.2/31,098.0

Fuel economy (quarter/to date): twenty three.18/23.1 mpg

Fuel value (quarter/to date): $1,698.31/$4,090.05

Days out of service (quarter/to date): None/20

Maintenance: set up summer tires ($86.40); 22,500-mile service, as well as car care, fill up fluids and general examination (warranty); replace right-rear parking-brake management unit, rear insulation ($1,041.74); 15,000-mile service, as well as car care, replace cabin filter, high of fluids, general examination (warranty); purchase and install winter tires ($914.66); repair screen ($29.95); 7,500-mile service (no cost)

Original sticker price: $44,205

Trad-in value: $33,150 (NADA)

Volvo review - Volvo S60 R-Design long-term 2012 front side view

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