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Transformation Porsche 996 Be 997

Transformation Porsche 996 Be 997 screen shootTransformation Porsche 996 Be 997 side viewTransformation of the hands of Porsche 996 So 997 Prior Design, Prior Design is already known could be the reference style of Porsche owners who wanted to be different. The tuner also been used to make radical changes in this car. However in reality Prior Design also offers a touch of minimalist modify like body conversion. For the latest, Prior Design offers a tuning kit for their 911 996 Porsche lovers who want the look of their cars look like a variant of 997.

The German tuner provides a new beauty in a way that integrates the front bumper with air intakes and front spoiler lip for better air traffic flow. Side skirt is also fully equipped and in the rear bumper attached PD3 which together with the sports exhaust system from Prior Design own.

Apart from the visual tricks that brought 996 side skirts closer to the ground, Prior Design also provides free suspension to be lowered to 30 mm, and this allows for better performance. A set of forged alloy wheels are also provided by Prior Design, in other tuner wheels are also ready to design a model based on the size of the desired width or dimension of its customers.

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