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Top News Lamborghini Aventador appeal over risk of fires

Lamborghini Aventador recall over risk of fires front view

Top News Lamborghini Aventador appeal over risk of fires, 5,900 samples of the Lamborghini Aventador supercar subject to the recall, together with hyper-exclusive Veneno models

Lamborghini has issued a recall of its Aventador supercar over risks that a equipment fault could lead on to fires.
According to a report submitted by Lamborghini to the United States of America National road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), risk of fireplace exists once the vehicle features a full tank of fuel. “Certain driving conditions” will result in fuel returning into contact with hot exhaust parts and igniting. Over-revving the engine at a standstill and aftermarket exhaust systems were found to exacerbate the matter too.
Lamborghini Aventador recall over risk of fires super car side doors
The NHTSA report says "one,453 examples within the us could also be affected and ar subject to recall, although Bloomberg reports that the recall are going to be worldwide, touching five,900 cars. Once recalled, Lamborghini dealers can upgrade the fuel tank’s physical change emissions system."
 a lot of NHTSA work confirms that each one Aventador models – together with edition versions like the Anniversario and Miura respect - ar laid low with the problem. Early samples of the hardcore 740bhp SuperVeloce can need to be recalled too.
Owners of the Lamborghini hyper-exclusive Veneno and Veneno Roadster – all twelve of them - also will need to hand their cars back to Lamborghini, given these cars use lamborghini Aventador mechanicals and parts.
The latest addition to the Aventador vary – the recently disclosed Aventador S – already has the required fix in situ and isn't subject to the recall order.
Lamborghini Aventador recall over risk of fires back view

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