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Top News Citroen C3 GTi can be rival the Fiesta ST


Top News Citroen C3 GTi can be rival the Fiesta ST New gaudy Citroen C3 being thought of, however the performance model would still concentrate on comfort and refinement

Top News Citroen C3 GTi drive review

A Citroen C3 GTi may well be within the pipeline per high bosses at the French whole. The new model would still concentrate on comfort and refinement, however, despite providing comparable performance to a Ford fete ST.

Speaking from the gap spherical of the 2017 World Rally Championship in town, protein cluster chief operating officer Michael Assat Tavares told North American nation that Citroen was exploring the concept of a hot C3 victimisation the experience of engineers from across the business.

When asked concerning his ambitions for the whole, as well as whether or not WRC may influence a souped-up Citroen C3 GTi, Tavares says: “There place part unit is also some plans to upgrade engines and make a small degree bit any. So, affirmative – why not for Citroen?”

Product coming up with chief Xavier Peugeot confirmed this, however insisted any C3 GTi or C3 VTS would got to retain Citroen’s trademark comfort, refinement and utility.

“Is it relevant to possess Citroen sport road cars? positively,” he said. “But i'd wish to keep this message of comfort at identical time. this can be the challenge.”

The new Citroen C3 GTi is claimed to embody values of the converted French whole, that is reconstruction its line-up over consequent few years when ripping from luxury division DS in 2015. Key to the present is Citroen Advanced Comfort, that mixes suspension calibration, seat style, refinement and parts like interior light-weight and house. this can translate from the quality C3 models through to the range-topping hot hatchback.

“I spent a while within the Citroen repository and there area unit millions of stunning cars,” man Peugeot told North American nation. “The Citroen 110 GTi Turbo affected American state. it had been a awfully quick automobile and it had hydraulic suspension.

Top News Citroen C3 GTi  review cars

New  Citroen C3 GTi review

“To me, this is often be} the correct automobile to demonstrate that you just can have in no time cars with millions of power, and at identical time you'll still develop your message concerning comfort.”

 Xavier Peugeot had antecedently gone on record speech communication he needed to “re-engergise the brand” – demand that attention on comfort doesn’t essentially mean abandoning gaudy values.

“There is not any reason for not considering the matter in an exceedingly additional fashionable method - therefore to American state there's still some house to possess a additional powerful automobile. you'll have each if you stay loyal to your message concerning comfort,” he told North American nation.

This thought of, it’s probably a Citroen C3 GTi would take everything patrons love from rivals just like the fete ST and Renaultsport Clio RS, adding a softer bit with easier seats, compliant suspension and a additional refined cabin. With quite 200bhp from a turbocharged one.6-litre engine, we will expect 0-62mph in but seven seconds and a high speed of quite 140mph.

The interior can carry over mostly unchanged, which means identical touchscreen flick system, sensible load bay and 300-litre boot. Racy touches and flashes of color area unit probably to feature, however there’s no word on whether or not Citroen’s painting Airbumps can seem on the skin.

Tavares went on to any reinforce his intentions for the protein cluster. With Citroen sport, Peugeot Sport and DS Performance currently sitting underneath one roof, the corporate is dead fit to explore hot GTis for the primary time in over 20 years.

We have a selected space in our Motorsports division all dedicated to special versions and low-volume versions of gaudy cars,” he told North American nation. “That division terribly|is extremely|is incredibly} agile and that they will do these forms of cars in an exceedingly very short amount of your time. therefore that’s wherever we'd begin.

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