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The touch-DKR Mcchip Improve Performance VW Golf R


The touch-DKR Mcchip Improve Performance VW Golf R BACK

The touch-DKR Mcchip Improve Performance VW Golf R, Variants of this one was often a touch of modification. Yups, Volkswagen Golf or commonly called the VW Golf. Starting from the version of the GTR or R it is tempting to cut back. Like do not want to miss it, the tuner in the company's German engineering Mcchip-DKR has created a set of new upgrades for the Volkswagen Golf R. Changes that are offered include new software applications for Machine Control Unit (ECU) is able to increase horsepower almost 17 percent of the total power of 270 PS (199 kW/267 bhp) and torque of 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) to later become PS 315 (232 kW/311 bhp) and 440 Nm (325 lb-ft).

Maximum engine torque output has also increased substantially from 350 to 440 Nm, the profits which reached almost 26 percent. Construction costs for upgrade this machine set-DKR Mcchip worth 899 Euros, or approximately USD 10.2 million. Hhmmm not too expensive .. right? Its composition has also been designed to work optimally with one of the gearbox car.

For others, the company had set a 350 Euro (USD 3.97 million) for the suspension, and install a shortened output that can be H & R. Not just any pairing, this new equipment can also be directly tested for safety the Golf R itself but with the additional cost of 59 euros (USD 660 thousand). The biggest cost comes from Ultraleggera OZ alloy 8x19-inch size that is set for 3190 Euros or approximately USD 36.2 million. The black wheels look increasingly characterized by high Performance tires wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup output size 235/35.

Overall, there is almost no significant change inherent in this hatchback body. However Mcchip-DKR believes that customization was doing would attract a positive response users VW Golf R. So no need to shell out a lot of money to get more Golf Performance of R, if modifications for 4500 Euros (USD 51.1 million) has been able to answer your desires. But then again .... your choice remained in the hands of the fans Golf R.

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