The New Rally Fighter di SEMA

The New Rally Fighter di SEMA front viewThe New Rally Fighter di SEMA, Soon the SEMA automotive carpet in Los Angeles will begin immediately, as one of the companies that joined in the event Local Motors has been preparing himself and plans to introduce their latest works of Rally Fighter. Cars with a frightening figure this is the result of the design of effective community of fans who designed the vehicle. Although the car's body weight is quite heavy which is about 1.451 kg but still able to walk with a very strong power.
Right there under the hood of a car engine with a capacity of 6.2-liter V8 mated to automatic transmission that sends power of 430 horsepower or equivalent with 321 kW / 436 PS to the rear wheels, the force produces peak torque of 424 lb-ft (574 Nm). In the final stage of trim work, Rally Fighter will be equipped with armored chassis, an off-road suspension and high-performance braking system.

The New Rally Fighter di SEMA front view
To reduce the heavy burden of embedded carbon fiber materials for some major components such as the car's nose, the back and floor, besides the Rally Fighter is also equipped with vinyl deliberately prepared to wrap the car in which the outer layers of 5 kg lighter than the spiked exterior paint. there is no definite information on vehicle selling price of this one but for customers who are interested can make reservations with the terms handed some money to deposit.

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