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The Amazing Ford Focus RS500


The Amazing Ford Focus RS500 back view
The Amazing Ford Focus RS500 Wheel view
The Amazing Ford Focus RS500 Logo view

The Amazing Ford Focus RS500 Front view
Ford Focus RS500 Launching his own plan will be carried out on 9 April, together with the Leipzig Motor Show 2010 in Germany. Ford reportedly will only build 500 units to individual consumers or order in Europe. That, too, has been allocated the amount, ie 101 units for the UK, Ireland 3 units, 10 units of Portugal, 20 unti Spain, 56 units of France, Belgium and Luxembourg 50 units, 10 units of the Netherlands, Germany 55 units, 50 units of Switzerland, 45 units of Italy, 32 units of Austria, Czech Republic 5 units, 10 units of Poland, Hungary 6 units, 12 units to countries in Eastern Europe, five units of Greece, Finland 10 units, 10 units of Swedish, Danish 50 units, and the remaining five units for Norwagia .

Overall Focus RS RS500 differ from ordinary models. With touch matte black body, the whole body has been fitted with RS500 Focus aerodynamic body kit. Look at the big wing on the back, wide-mouthed front bumper, side spoiler, finned, and the diffuser below the rear bumper. Even the tires were different diameters, namely 19-inch sport alloy wheels complete with

Standards focus only able to achieve 145 hp, while the RS500 through 350hp. Wow, the difference is greater 201hp. This ability is even higher than the Focus RS 50hp which only reached 300hp with the same machine

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