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Supercar Lexus LF-A Rename-The company plans

Supercar Lexus LF-A Rename-The company plans front view
Supercar Lexus LF-A Rename-The company plans, to rename the supercar Lexus LF-A, reversing the letters in its name on "A" to "L". This letter will indicate the participation of a specially prepared version of this car in the marathon 24 Hours of Le Mans. " As the site 7Tune with reference to the Japanese magazine Holiday Auto, formerly in the Japanese media as the information that the name of the model can be changed to "SS550", where the figures indicate the impact the engine.
According to preliminary information, will be equipped with new 4.8-liter ten-cylinder engine capacity of 550 horsepower, working together with the six-speed robotized gearbox. As the site explains 7Tune, transmission will have four operating modes, including fully automatic and sportivnyy.Krome that, in accordance with the chosen regime change and customize the system stabilization, the angle of attack the rear antiwings and other systems.

Supercar Lexus LF-A Rename-The company plans back view
Expected that the novelty will be issued a limited edition of 500 copies, of which 120-150 are planned exercise machines in Japan. The cost of super in the local market will be about 22 million yen, while in Europe - 290 thousand euros. The world premiere of Lexus LF-L will be held in October this year MOTORSHOW in Tokyo.

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