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SR-71 Mustang from Roush and Shelby 2010


SR-71 Mustang from Roush and Shelby 2010 FRONT VIEW 

Mustang SR-71 (S to R to Shelby and Roush) was built at Roush facility in Livonia, Michigan, with the participation and input from all parties involved. Inspired from the SR-71 "Blackbird" reconnaissance plane and a unique sophisticated ever produced, and is still admired by many people. SR-71 Mustang will also take the features that will be unique and privileges. Until the signature embroidery Jack Roush and Carroll Shelby at the exclusive RECARO racing seats. Steering wheel, indicators, navigation screen also been designed to be seen was in the cockpit of a jet fighter.

The car is powered 5.0-liter V8 engine Ti-VCT with a new aluminum block, and supercharge 3.2 liter Whipple Twin Screw. As a supporting performance of wild, adapted calibration Ford Racing and Roush intake. SR-71 Mustang will appear with a doff of non-production of paint and silver as smocks special treatment as a gesture of SR-71. The application itself is designed with a special roof glass roof models along with unique graphics, not forget the muffler and tips made by Ford Racing.

Judging by the legs there dwells Track Pack SVT wheels that are present in color 19-inch custom ring in front and 20 inches in the rear. For additional information that the SR-71 Mustang will be auctioned on Thursday, July 29 next, starting at 7:30 PM at the EAA Museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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