Scion xB Custom VIP Chris Hamilton

Scion xB Custom VIP Chris Hamilton front viewScion xB Custom VIP Chris Hamilton, Trend VIP-style modifications may now slowly being deflated. Because to build a VIP car seasoning dengam this really need its own uniqueness. Besides requiring expensive also technically too difficult. Especially if we have to import some of the original kit JDM VIP style. However, there are several candidate modifier of the builder or really use the kit to their vehicles. So even though I have to be patient to wait because the goods are still very rare.
Cases like this are also faced by Chris Hamilton when building a Scion xB. Which now has a complete vehicle with Japanese products. To build all of this as we know, that was not enough just to perform diligent and enterprising. But Chris did the best with what he could do. In the engine bay with a beautiful touch of the polished goods are included with the Injen short ram intake, engine cover, and American Car Craft Covers steel strut housings.

Sun Auto's Hyper Ground, Voltage and Hyper Hyper Gauss kit also been installed. To support the roof with a safe, fitted silencer protein that has shades of dikastem. ARC radiator cap oil and also not be forgotten. If we focus on the exterior Chris xB with VIP emblem of his style down to the ground and the front and rear along with side skirts that stick out of the line components Spirits Avantgarde Collection. Then the rear wing, hood wing and fog lights also add to its aesthetic.

Scion xB Custom VIP Chris Hamilton screen shoot
To add more value than this modification Chris adds performance exhaust system from the rear with Twimble Spirits. To add a VIP appearance with a series of folding mirrors and rear LED lights Wisesquare who has been in custom. In order to give the body shape that looks nice and neat, added a few components include the OEM grille, rear wiper, washer nozzles hood, and side-makers.

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