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Peugeot's SR1 concept car and design bicycle at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Picture: Reuters.

Like most aspects of design and art, good automotive design doesn’t come from people working solely and exclusively on designing cars.
Some of the greatest car designers have their signatures scrawled on the designs of some ordinary everyday products.
Giugiaro work can be seen on a number of industrial design products
Giorgetto Giugiaro’s list of automotive art stretches from BMW’s original M1 supercar to Volkswagen’s original Golf hatchback, his portfolio of car designs is as vast as it is varied.
On top of many car design icons, Giugiaro has been credited with setting the design template for Nikon’s SLR camera range.
Ken Okuyama, designer behind the futuristic Ferrari Enzo and imaginative Maserati Birdcage 75th concept car, recently struck out on his own and founded his own Japanese spectacle brand, Ken Okuyama Eyes.
Okuyama's spectacle designs are sleek, minimalist, and futuristic. Just like his car designs. 
Some industrial designers also took the step to cross over to the automotive design industry like Raymond Loewy, the designer of streamline buses and locomotives, and product logos. 
His Starlight designs for American car manufacturer Studebaker was one of the first designs ever to successfully carry over the smooth aerodynamic shape of an aircraft and according to some observers, were as influential on early car design as Chrysler's 1934 Airflow. 
Loewy's work ranges from cigarette packages to corporate logos to locomotives. 
These renowned designers not the only personalities in the automotive industry who have turned their eye and tried their hand on designs outside their field as this article on Car and Driver suggests.
A good automotive designer should have a firm grasp in industrial design, the art of creating everyday objects which are aesthetically functional.
Some of the automotive world's most successful and forward-thinking creations are the result of taking cues from industrial design products and merging them onto an automotive canvas. 
At the end of the day, automotive design isn’t a mutually exclusive art form but merely a subset of industrial design. 

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