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Price Subaru Legacy 2010

Price Subaru Legacy 2010Price Subaru Legacy 2010: The company reported a Subaru Legacy 2010 new data, which, in spite of the large dimensions, as compared to the previous version, has a flow rate of gasoline, when combined cycle, at 9.0 liters. 100 km. and 7.6 liters. 100 km. on the highway. This puts the Subaru Legacy in one of the Honda Accord, Mazda 6i, Volkswagen Passat and Hyundai Sonata.

"We are proud that the new Subaru Legacy is not only more space, but at a very competitive cost of providing significant fuel economy" - said vice-president of Subaru.

Below is a fuel for some models:

* Legacy 2.5i 6MT 12.6 city / 10.9 Combined / 8.9 highway
* Legacy 2.5i CVT 10.4 / 9.2 / 7.7
* Legacy 2.5 GT 6MT 13.3 / 11.4 / 9.6
* Legacy 3.6 R 5AT 13.3 / 11.4 / 9.6

In addition, the Subaru Legacy received improved engine. For example, 2.5 liters. SOHC, based on the old 2.0 liter. version.

Price Subaru Legacy 2010 starts with 19 995 dollars, which is 800 dollars less than the previous generation. For the elite versions of Legacy, which is 3.6R Premium and 3.6R Limited price starts from U.S. $ 25 995 and 27 995 dollars, respectively. Course will be offered and the different packages of options and additions.

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