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Peugeot Releases Images EX1 Concept Paris M Show

Peugeot Releases Images EX1 Concept  Paris M Show exclusivePeugeot Releases Images EX1 Concept For Paris Motor Show, The rise of eco-friendly campaign over the world make the most of the companies from various fields to bring a new breakthrough in creating a blue sky, one of which car companies, many of those who produce environmentally friendly vehicles with bringing the electric-powered cars. Peugeot is one of the many car companies are trying out electric-powered cars, they call EX1. Despite the recent emergence of EX1 still be images Peugeot will bring the plan in the form of concept cars to the showroom Paris Motor Show 2010.
From the picture revealed by the Peugeot showed 100 percent electric vehicles sporty style. EX1 is a concept car designed based architecture similar to the shape of water droplets. Two electric motors have been prepared to rate the performance of these cars, one electric motor is claimed capable of blowing power 125 kW, so if Terliht rate, which is planned vehicle having a system built with four-wheel drive has a power as strong as 250 kW / 340 bhp and peak torque of 240 nm.

Peugeot Releases Images EX1 Concept  Paris M Show side view
Roadster two-passenger vehicle has a stylish appearance futuristic with a slim structure, aerodynamics and super lightweight. At the front of this car mounted suspension, consisting of a double wishbone arrangement, while the rear suspension contained the single "swinging arm" connected to the shock absorber through the rocker arm to provide variable damping. Monocoque body structure made from carbon or honeycomb in order to optimize body weight

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