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Peugeot 3008 More Elegant

Peugeot 3008 More Elegant front viewPeugeot 3008 hatchback developed from the base platform 308 is then developed with the concept of space and practicality of the MPV and SUV dynamics and toughness. 3008 Design of the front panel of B-post to be taken from the Citroen C4 Picasso, from a panel of B-post to the rear using the design 308.
Similar to 308, 3008 design still focuses on eleganitas-clad sporty. Since departing from a single platform, wheelbase 3008 with exactly the same 308 hatchback, 2613 mm. Uniquely, the 3008 offers relief cabins plus ground clearance is higher, ie 150 mm. Aft body 3008 is also much longer than the 308 that have an impact on the extent of trunk space.

In addition to ground clearance, powerful figure of an SUV is also featured via a sporty single front grille, headlamp expressive, and lower front panel (front bumper guard bottom) plated stainless steel that is often a feature of a true SUV. While the figure is shown with MPV practicality model folding rear seat settings and applications lower tail gate (bottom of the trunk door) that allows easy access in and out of the luggage.

Sitting behind the wheel, the cockpit is like sitting in an airplane cabin. At the rear, passenger space flexibility multiflex concept is so obvious. Just unfortunately, the rear headroom a little cramped for tall passengers berpostur. The concept of three levels of baggage that facilitate the setting item, highlight the practicality of an MPV. Dashboard and interior design futuristic impressed with classy material.

3008 interior comfort features are also abundant, ranging from feature entertainment for the passengers (an audio system with CD player and MP3), leather upholstery, ease of driving (speed limiter plus cruise control, rain sensor, automatic headlights, automatic electric until the hand brake), AC dual zone air filter sensor, up to 13 storage bottles.

For the safety factor, 3008 completed 6-point airbags, stability control features ABS, EBD, EBA, and ESP. Not to mention the frame construction tech BOGE impact absorbers, an innovation that combines safety with design front overhang as protection against impact, and useful for a more practical body repairs. Uniquely, the front fender panel material useful recycled plastics to reduce vehicle weight, and impact resistant lightweight at 15 kpj.

Long climbs so easily fast 3008 which weighs 1.4 tons of this. Simply play triptonik 6-speed transmission it manually, then push power engine power 156 hp at 5800 rpm with abundant torque to 240 Nm at 1400 rpm, making 3008 such as not out of breath. This impressive engine performance thanks to the application engine capacity of 1598 cc EP6CDT type with twin-scroll turbocharger. So that maximum torque and response can be obtained at low rpm.

Besides can be activated with the mode 'D' and tiptronik manual 6-speed, sequential gearbox made by Aisin automatic is also featured 'Auto-Adaptive Capability with Driver Preference' which includes: Automatic, Sports, and Snow Mode. This feature will set the traction wheels to the road surface together with the ESP. Front suspension relies on Mac Pherson strut, while relying on independent trailed behind the arm, torsion bar, and anti-roll bar with active roll control that provides comfort and stability of steady equivalent 'dynamic behavior' of sedan saloon.

Peugeot 3008 More Elegant DASHBOARD
In a test conducted by Autocar in the diverse terrain and varied driving, fuel consumption in 3008 recorded 12.3 MID MPA (combination). In addition, the 3008 engine has been environmentally friendly since it meets the exhaust emission standard Euro-5. From the aspect of safety, the 3008 also has won five-star Euro NCAP.

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