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Performance and Character From STI R205


Performance and Character From STI R205 screen shot

Performance and Character From STI R205 front viewPerformance and Character From STI R205 front viewWith this Red Subaru Impreza wants to prove his greatness. In the midst of Japan's humid weather and rain to the extreme. And far from the extreme point of the city with the mountains of Tsukuba, Impreza STI R205 can be sped well. So even though he comes the welcome with a scary situation. With strong winds and thick fog which almost restrict vision. And air temperature reaching 16 degrees Subaru STI R205 still has the excellent performance of the machine. This is thanks to the support of a flat-4 2L engine with twin-scroll turbo ball bearings that give off energy of 315 HP at 6400 rpm.

Subaru Impreza STI and R205 produced a limited number sign 009 from 400 this means the car is the ninth production of 400 cars produced Impreza STI R205. And you will increasingly understand the character of the Impreza. When you start sitting on the seat RECARO tight and agility of the car began to drive six-speed transmit this. In that moment you will feel the performance, agility and character that exist in the Subaru Impreza STI R205

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