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Perform Concept Ford Atlas 2013

Perform Concept Ford Atlas 2013 front view
Perform Concept Ford Atlas 2013, Ford Atlas conception, Ford undraped the Ford Atlas conception to showcase the look, capability, fuel potency and sensible technologies which will outline future pickup trucks.
"The Ford Atlas conception previews the innovations which will remodel what individuals expect from their pickup," aforesaid dominion Nair, Ford cluster vp, international development. "With thirty six years as America's popular pickup, we tend to area unit fully committed to setting the agenda within the truck market."
Perform Concept Ford Atlas 2013 side view
Design with purpose
The Ford Atlas conception is galvanized by decades of taking note of customers at the places they work and play. The result's a purpose-driven style with outstanding wheel arches, a large stance and well-defined grille - all to strengthen its purposeful designed Ford Tough® image.
"We needed the conception to mirror however Ford trucks facilitate customers in each their worlds - professionally and in person," aforesaid J Mays, Ford cluster vp and chief artistic officer. "Every surface and have within the vehicle has been crafted for purpose associate degreed capability whereas holding an clear designed Ford powerful look."
Designers increased truck practicality, whereas making new advanced features(see infographic here). for instance, multiple tie-down points area unit integrated at intervals the lading box walls and cargo floor, together with 110-volt electrical retailers within the lading box to charge power tools. associate degree integrated roof carrying system and hidden extendible ramps provide the truck distinctive practicality for a range of jobs.
Perform Concept Ford Atlas 2013 interior dashboard
The interior is themed with structural styling cues and options the newest thinking in comfort, utility and refinement. Innovative, thin, light-weight seating in snug animal skin permits for further legroom for rear passengers - together with integrated storage for smaller things. "Floating" instrument pods and glove-friendly buttons and controls keep the inside purposeful and ruggedly trendy.
Leading fuel potency
The Ford Atlas conception options a next-generation EcoBoost® powertrain, that introduces truck-enhanced motor vehicle Start-Stop engine shutoff technology. motor vehicle Start-Stop shuts off the engine once stopped in traffic to avoid wasting fuel - and neatly suspends the feature once the truck is aware of it's towing.
EcoBoost engines use petrol direct injection and turbocharging to deliver fuel-economy gains of up to twenty % and reduction of dioxide emissions of up to fifteen %, compared with larger-displacement engines. quite five hundred,000 EcoBoost engines are oversubscribed globally, as well as 250,000 within the Ford F-150.
The Ford Atlas conception goes any to avoid wasting fuel through a mix of active mechanics parts that scale back wind resistance. They include:
Perform Concept Ford Atlas 2013 dront dashboard interior
Active Grille Shutters: Automatic shutters behind the grille keep open once further engine cooling is required, like throughout low-speed stop-and-go driving or whereas operating in atmospheric condition. The shutters mechanically near improve aeromechanics once cruising on the road at steady speeds
Active Wheel Shutters: Automatic shutters within the wheels area unit hidden to boost vogue at rest and low speeds, however mechanically shut at road speeds to boost aeromechanics. Self-charging batteries use energy from the wheels' motion to power the shutters
Drop-Down Front Air Dam: A drop-down front wind spoiler lowers at road speeds to boost belly air flow. The air dam is raised at low speeds to boost ground clearance - useful for off-roading
Power Running Boards: Auto-deploying running boards facilitate passengers enter the truck at rest and tuck up against the truck once it's moving to boost aeromechanics and ground clearance
The combination of those fuel-saving options saves quite a pair of mpg on the road while not decreasing towing or transport capability.
Work and play smarter, not harder
Ford Atlas conception could be a rolling showcase of options that improve capability, sturdiness and productivity to fulfill the varied desires of truck house owners. options include:
Perform Concept Ford Atlas 2013 side view interior
    Dual-Purpose Tailgate Step and lading Cradle: The acclaimed Ford Tailgate Step goes a step any by adding the power to additionally act as a lading cradle - lifting and holding extra-long lading things on top of the truck and releasing valuable bed spaceTrailer Backup Assist: This segment-first innovation permits drivers to back a trailer with the twist of a knob. Ford analysis shows that backing a trailer is usually the foremost discouraging task a truck client will face
    Dynamic Hitch Assist: Hitching a trailer are often time overwhelming and troublesome. Dynamic Hitch Assist helps exactly line up the truck's hitch with the trailer coupling, eliminating maneuvering shot by showing visual cues within the truck's center computer screen
    360-Degree Point-of-View Camera: A Ford truck 1st, the system provides a wide  read of the truck to assist position the vehicle in tight places or once there area unit obstacles close to the truck - like on a busy job website or foodstuff automobile parking space
 junction rectifier Headlamps and Taillamps: Advanced junction rectifier lighting offers higher road illumination than typical group or HID lights and lasts longer. junction rectifier lamps additionally provide near-instant response, giving valuable further warning time for following traffic
 junction rectifier lading Box and aspect Mirror Lighting: Advanced, powerful however economical junction rectifier lighting brilliantly lights the lading box and job website when the sun goes down with token battery drain compared to straightforward headlights or plug-in lights
    Hidden lading Ramps: light-weight, sturdy loading ramps stowed below the lading box are often quickly removed and found out to help with loading wheeled things into the bed - from landscaping instrumentation to dirt bikes 
Perform Concept Ford Atlas 2013 back view

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