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NST-Peugeot Design Competition 2012 is a go!


Ever dreamed of designing your own sports car?
Well New Straits Times together with Nasim Sdn Bhd, the official distributor for Peugeot cars in Malaysia are giving students and budding designers a chance to showcase their talents in designing their own sports car with the NST-Peugeot Design Competition 2012.
This time around the theme of the Competition is to design and envision a Peugeot sports car for the future, and is open to university, college, and secondary school students.

Datuk Samson

“The first NST-Peugeot Design Competition was an overwhelming success and this year, we have decided to give our budding designers a chance to push the envelope further by designing a sports car,” said Datuk Samson Anand George, COO of Nasim at the launch of the competition.
“Car designers have constantly challenged the norm when it comes to designing a sports car, and we want our students to emulate these car designers by thinking outside the box.”
The competition was launched by Datuk Mohamed Khaled Nordin, minister of higher education.
“When it comes to a sports car, it is design that involves more passion than just form, because it is all about glamour, we hope that students will explore and push forward the limits,” said Datuk Syed Nadzri Syed Harun, group editor of New Straits Times.

Similar to last year’s format, this year’s competition will be divided into two categories, University and College student, and Secondary School student.
For the University and College student category, students will be required to participate in teams of two, while secondary school students will have to participate individually.
Participants from both categories are to submit a brief description of their concept ideas in not more than 500 words and provide a presentation of at least three panels of the proposed design mounted on to an A3 or A2 size mounting board.
For the University and College student category, these boards must include the perspective view of the interior layout, folio of 2D sketches/renderings/drawings, and package/technical drawings with overall dimensions, and renderings of the concept’s proportions to human forms and its surroundings.
Secondary School student category participants on the other hand has to submit the perspective view of the interior layout, folio of 2D sketches/renderings/drawings, and the final artwork of the concept's front view, side view, and three-quarter view.
Participants from both categories have till December 21st to submit their entries.Results for the Secondary School student category and the ten chosen finalists for the University and College student category will be announced in January 2013.
The shortlisted finalists of the University and College student category will then have to create a 1:5 scale model of their concept and submit it along with its engineering drawing, and a convincing manual or computer-generated presentation manual in A0 size and in soft copy, by April 2013.
The winners of the University and College student category will be selected from the shortlisted ten finalists with the announcement made in May 2013.
Entries from both categories will be judged on its relevance to the theme, originality of the concept, design value and quality and developmental potential.
As part of the design competition, Cars, Bikes & Trucks (CBT), will be running tutorials on design on a weekly basis for two months to assist the participants in creating their own designs.
The tutorials, along with the competition’s submission guidelines and requirements will be available here.In addition to that, CBT will carry out a two-month road show beginning in October to schools and institutions of higher learning nationwide to promote the design competition.
Last year’s inaugural NST-Peugeot Design Competition, the first of its kind in Malaysia, received a total of 105 entries from university and college students as well as 43 entries from secondary school students.
Entry forms for this year’s competition are only available on the Wednesday edition of the New Straits Times and the Sunday edition of the New Sunday Times. 

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