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Nissan Buzz – Future Cars

Nissan Buzz - Future Cars amazing view

Nissan Motors continues to make significant progress in one of the car manufacturers with the highest quality scenes today in North America. Living shadow Japanese stalwarts Honda and Toyota, Nissan cut in a fight with several new models or modified in the domain of the Honda, Toyota. Can it succeed? You can judge and see in four places very soon to take his performance at Nissan dealers in your area to be!

Nissan Versa - Toyota division O'Brien hit with youth, while Nissan has been struggling to create a model that the new driver, and at the same time, can provide affordable detention. Scheduled for release summer 2006, will move into line behind the 1.8L four-cylinder hatchback and five-door will be as one or four-door sedan. The car was expected in Mexico based on the price at around U.S. $ 12,000 was produced. FYI: Make the same car name of non-small Veris sold only in Japan.

Nissan Cube - is still available in 'may be imported, the Nissan Cube's new xB and Honda Element answers O'Brien. There is capacity for 55 adults, but the bucket box with wheels. Published reports give the cube which will be released in the year 2008 in the North American market.

Nissan Sentra - A new Sentra is expected in the second half of 2006 as a 2007 model bows. significant changes in the design and style to help boost Nissan car market more effectively compete with the VW Golf and makes three

Nissan Altima - The next big change for introducing a hybrid Altima. Nissan is expected to hit showrooms in the fall of 2006, new models of Nissan Altima Toyota actually provided the technology to create the first hybrid. Nissan robbery and battery, however, necessary that the Japanese competitors like Nissan to help the growing hybrid segment.

After 2008, the consumer can not wait to see who updated Quest van makes appearance with subtle changes in the vehicle according to Nissan. There are other models in the concept stage, is expected to show a number of upcoming auto shows.

Though still too early to confirm any of the four directions Nissan models in coming years to increase its participation in the generation "Y". If the bucket upside down and looks as expected, the possibility that some young drivers Nissan points in two areas: style and price. Did you see the Honda and Toyota!

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