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Next Bentley EXP10 6Speed Edition

Next Bentley EXP10 6Speed Edition, The Best in Show conception automobile can provide associate all-electric plug-in powertrain
Next Bentley EXP10 6Speed Edition interior back bag viewNext Bentley EXP10 6Speed Edition interior dashboard viewNext Bentley EXP10 6Speed Edition front view
One of the celebs of this year’s Geneva Motor Show is certain for the open road, however not with the bottomless well of force in an exceedingly six.0-liter W12 engine: Bentley intends to make its two-seat EXP10 Speed six conception automobile and provide it available, with associate all-electric plug-in powertrain.
Bentley Motors chairman Wolfgang Dürheimer confirmed Speed six production plans throughout the recent Bentayga SUV press launch. Final board approval is unfinished, however the six is well into development at Crewe, England. Dürheimer conjointly aforesaid the automobile expands Bentley’s lineup, instead of replace associate existing model just like the now-venerable Continental GT.
Named in respect to the Bentley Speed Sixes that created associate model at LeMans within the late ’20s, the new Speed six was the pleasant surprise at Geneva in March; in truth we have a tendency to named it our greatest in Show from the show. It shocked part as a result of Bentley gave its debut not the slightest advance hint, and part as a result of it’s a stunner. Shown in an exceedingly deep silver British athletics inexperienced, the big, daring six blends Bentley styling staples with cues from alternative classic British marques in what our Graham Kozak labelled “the rising British GT vernacular.”
Next Bentley EXP10 6Speed Edition side view
The 6’s cockpit is spectacularly lavish even by Bentley standards, and it’s filled with a beautiful set of fitted bags. At the time, Bentley offered nothing on what would possibly sit below its conception car’s tightly sealed bonnet.
Now we all know, sort of. we'd  speculate that the Speed six can get a synchronous motor for every wheel just like the Mercedes-Benz SLS E-Cell or the long anticipated Audi R8 e tron. that might be speculation, though. Dürheimer provided no more details on the Speed 6’s system, or on its development timeline, except to mention that once it debuts it may deliver vary up to three hundred miles per charge.
Next Bentley EXP10 6Speed Edition back view
Bentley force the covers off the EXP ten Speed six conception at the 2015 Geneva motor show. in keeping with Bentley, the fastback two-door may hint at a future sports automobile.

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