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New Sporty Porsche Cayman 2.9 PDK

New Sporty Porsche Cayman 2.9 PDK front viewFinding a suitable sports car with daily traffic in Jakarta is not easy. The characters who tend to be "ferocious" makes driving this car in the middle of the road density bit difficult. However, the Porsche Cayman that this one could be different. According to the owner, the strongest reason he chose this car is Driver offer a more friendly with urban traffic everyday. No doubt, the Cayman IN pinang is 2.9 MDD rather than variants of its strongest, the Cayman S 3.4.

When faced with the traffic density in downtown Jakarta, a car powered 265 hp at 7200 rpm and peak torque of 300 Nm at 4400-6000 rpm it feels calm. Power is channeled to the rear wheels do not feel as if invited explosive running. Simply place the lever in position D, the 7-speed automatic transmission with double clutch ala Porsche (Porsche Doppelkupplung / MDD), as if the driver wishes.

However, when he found space on the highway field, stepped on the gas pedal down, and its transmission MDD will directly choose the best gear to get the fastest acceleration. Claims Porsche, Cayman 2.9 kpj MDD is taking 0-100 in 5.5 seconds only. When we tested at the circuit, we had only scored 6.1 seconds.

And once again, the courage it fully supported the Cayman special ability to control his body. Yes, the reputation of Porsche as car peracik berpengendalian greatest in the world should be approved. The position of the engine between the seats and the rear axle (mid-engine) contributed the balance of control of the Caymans. When performing various maneuvers, such as when following a transfer point or even bulldoze the bend fast in the test circuit, the car was as if stuck on the asphalt. When conditions are extreme control is taking place, it is directly readable by the 'Porsche Stability Management "(PSM), and to intervene to re-balance the car.

On our test car, has also been equipped with 'sports Chrono package plus', where there are two choices of driving modes, namely Sport and Sport Plus. In Sport mode, the computer on the car accelerator pedal response that is more responsive and tolerance limits higher engine speed to shift gears. Not only that, the computer also will set the PSM to intervene in aid control is slower than in normal driving mode.

While the Sport Plus mode, the computer adjust the gear shift process became more aggressive and a fun thing to try, is the Launch Control mode. This makes the accelerates time to be so fun to be felt. How, stepped on the brake pedal with left foot, then stepped on the gas pedal flat to the floor, and let the engine rev up to 6500 rpm scream. When the display on the instrument panel titled 'Launch Control Ready', off the left foot from the brake pedal, and your body will be slammed into the seat while the Cayman speedometer needle points to the increasingly high numbers quickly.

Outside control is superb, this car practically give suspension damping is quite comfortable when facing the road surface conditions in Indonesia. However, when faced with a sporadic bad road conditions, driving this car feels exhausting.

Another thing that is pretty amazing from the Cayman it is all about fuel consumption is relatively economical. On the way back to Jakarta in the afternoon and deal with congestion, MID-screen mention of fuel consumed during the trip as far as 75 km, just 8.3 MPA.

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