New Nissan Sentra SL Price and Performance 2014

New Nissan Sentra SL Price and Performance 2014 engine viewNew Nissan Sentra SL Price and Performance 2014 interior viewNew Nissan Sentra SL Price and Performance 2014 side view
New Nissan Sentra SL Price and Performance 2014
The 2014 Nisan Sentra Sendero Luminoso may be a utterly legitimate contestant during this category, checking most of the boxes that consumers wish checked: it's spacious, it gets smart mileage and it's bland, inoffensive styling. The deal breaker on behalf of me, the death knell, is that the CVT transmission. i am unable to stand those things. Even the one within the Subaru WRX, that is definitely the sportiest CVT ever created placed in one among the sportiest cars ever offered. you may place a CVT transmission on the Death Star and that i wouldn't wish to drive it. you'll get a Sentra with a manual transmission, however it's solely out there on the bottom S model, that I didn't drive. strangely enough, each the manual and also the CVT square measure aboard alone for fuel consumption rate reasons. a minimum of in my opinion, that trumps all others.
2014 Nisan Sentra Sendero Luminoso

Base Price: $20,400

As-Tested Price: $22,250

Drivetrain: one.8-liter I4; FWD, ceaselessly variable transmission

Output: a hundred thirty H.P. @ vi,000 rpm, 128 lb-ft @ three,600 rpm

Curb Weight: two,862 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 30/39/34 mpg
Nissan Sentra SL , AW determined Fuel Economy: thirty two.8 mpg I don't assume most consumers during this category can notice the CVT, though. Most consumers don't seem to be such as you and Pine Tree State. we wish a automotive to feel alive, to retort to our handling whims, to corner find it irresistible very means that it. For us, there square measure Ford Fiestas and Focus STs, Mazda Mazdaspeed 3s and perhaps even the annoy Sonic turbo with the manual trans. the complete CVT obsession at Nisan is just too unhealthy considering that solely a number of years past there was a Sentra SE-R that they introduced at a raceway.

New Nissan Sentra SL Price and Performance 2014 back viewNew Nissan Sentra SL Price and Performance 2014 front view
The 2014 Sentra you see here was all-new in fall of 2012, with a brand new chassis and a brand new one.8-liter engine all told models. The 2014 Sentra gets revisions to its CVT, steering and suspension standardization. i favor the steering, and also the suspension is okay as so much as I pushed it, that wasn't terribly so much in the slightest degree. however whenever I stepped on the gas I got that wailing, woeful reminder from the engine that, “Hey man, no matter power and torsion i am manufacturing needs to undergo that issue, therefore do not come back whining to Pine Tree State concerning ain't no power or nothin'.” It's unhappy and that i want Nisan had gone another direction. there is in all probability some scandal in Paris wherever somebody in getting was geological dating the CVT sales person and voila, we're cursed with eight billion CVTs that we've to use despite what. Again, that is simply my opinion.
This Sendero Luminoso trim is seriously well equipped for a sub-$25K automotive. Rearview cameras, which can be needed before long, navigation, animal skin and Bluetooth square measure all things sometimes found on a lot of upgraded cars. I noticed  them as before long as I Saturday down.
Speaking of sitting, the seats square measure soft and semi-supportive, and warmth up nicely, however they do not sink low enough to create Pine Tree State feel comfy. i do know I complain concerning it usually, however if appears like you are sitting on high the automotive, and not in it. The dash appearance plasticky, however the doors and central armrests square measure soft. it's like there is a tight quantity of knee area in back.
The 130-hp, 1.8-liter in all probability would not be unhealthy if it had been connected to a torsion born-again automatic or manual transmission. however since this is often a CVT, it regularly revs up and down, creating weird noises within the cabin, ne'er providing you with specifically what you wish. In sport mode, it revs everywhere the place, however will build the automotive feel a minimum of somewhat bit faster. the motive force simply ne'er is aware of once the ability goes to return on or off.
It's a very little, light-weight sucker, that means it crashes over potholes, particularly once on the brakes. I hit a giant one as i used to be speed for a stoplight. i believed the mirror was planning to fall off.
Steering is okay, not exciting or significantly unhealthy. however there square measure lots of tiny cars out there that are literally fun to drive. The Mazda three is one among them, heck, the Mazda two or Ford party if you wish one thing smaller. however this is often well-equipped, incorporates a tight quantity of area, and dare I say it, is reasonably cute, during a dumb puppy style of manner. select the manual, have somewhat fun.

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