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New Mazda Shinari Another four-door sports coupe

New Mazda Shinari Another four-door sports coupe , Another four-door sports coupe can love or hate. We are talking about a car Mazda, whose debut was held in the Italian city of Milan. New Shinari - a four-door concept car, which illustrates the design direction of Mazda, which the company intends to take to develop its future cars. This line combines the styles Mazda studios in Germany, USA and Japan.

With the launch of a new concept Mazda also announced that the language of its new brand design will be described in words Kodo, which in Japanese means "soul of the movement." Commenting on the new design language, Ikuo Maeda (Ikuo Maeda), chief designer of Mazda Motor Corp. said: "This development will lead to design the next generation of Mazda, as well as bring in new elements."

Mazda is taking bold steps for themselves in this new concept, and that further reinforces the impression that the announcement that they will also work on improving the quality of the interior for future cars: "We want to play on the same field that BMW and Audi. We want to achieve the same level of quality. " Well, it remains quite a bit, is not it?

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