New Look Nissan Juke


New Look Nissan Juke style and performance

The first challenge for Nissan to market the Juke is an unusual-looking. Yes, Nissan Nissan's design studio design Juke in Europe (inspired by the concept Qazana), and built at Nissan's plant in Oppama, Japan, does have a bold design: the result of cross breeding between the off-roader with a coupe. But unlike the Murano and Qasqai, Juke look unusual. Look at how to pull the lines as 'extravagant' and even extreme, or how to handle door opener hidden in the pillars so the Juke looks like a two-door coupe.

Bold exterior theme carry through to the interior. where a center console that is inspired from the fuel tank of a motor provides traction on this five-passenger crossover. The attraction increases with the presence of kemera retreat, Bluetooth capability, USB connectivity / iPod, remote steering, navigation (the model in Indonesia may be present without navigation).

Head and leg room for front passengers are very good. This is caused by the curved roofline. Unfortunately, the head room for rear passengers is limited. Transport capacity (trunk) can be increased to 830 liters by folding the rear seat. Juke does not have a regulator sliding rear seat (sliding back seat).

Juke B-based platform which is also used for the Nissan Versa, Cube, and the Renault Clio. Nissan Juke HR15DE engine equipped with powerful 113 hp at 6,000 rpm with maximum torque of 150 Nm at 4,000 rpm. Juke machines equipped dual injector system of the world's first mass production. This system has two injectors per cylinder, each with a nozzle to inject fuel into the cylinder for a more complete combustion. Also attending Variable Valve Timing (CVTV) for intake and exhaustnya thus more efficient fuel consumption, Nissan claims.

Juke also apply the latest designs that combine Xtronic CVT Continuous Variable Transmission inefficient sub-system with 2-speed gearbox. This system is believed by Nissan is able to improve the gear ratios than conventional CVT systems. In addition to the sub-gearboksnya, there is a pulley design new, more sweat and a small, flexible damper lock up, and a more efficient oil pump. Combined all this makes Juke's new CVT is more minimal friction by 30%.

Now it's time to try Juke. Button start / stop our press gently over the roar of the engine from behind bonnetnya welcome. Juke sitting position is high enough to make us free to cast a glance, and control the direction of the car. In the center console there is the Nissan Dynamic Control System (NDCS) is integrated in the dashboard (indash). This tool serves to set the AC and the characters driving the car (normal, sporty or eco), steering and throttle response.

This tool is so easy to be enabled. Simply press and the computer will arrange everything. As the opening menu, we press the normal button, and emerged bearing torque graph is an indicator overflow of torque to the front wheels. In this mode, the quality of mediocre performance (hence its name). To obtain optimum engine response, you must often stomping foot to the accelerator pedal (pedal to the metal).

Not for long with a normal mode, we then choose the sports mode. Well, in this mode, the graphical display on the monitor screen changes from torque to power with a red background. Looking at the graphics and the writing power, adrenaline were mounting, and we press the accelerator pedal deeply. The result is satisfactory. Torque feels more kick and steering response is sharper, though not significant.

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