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New Infiniti Essence Concept Design And Performance

New Infiniti Essence Concept Design And PerformanceNew Infiniti Essence Concept Design And Performance, Infiniti Essence - it is a conceptual model that embodied the quintessence of the brand Infiniti, the essence of which lies in an effort to meet the demands of the most demanding automotive enthusiast.
The model, created to celebrate the 20 th anniversary of brand Infiniti, first presented at the 79m International Motor Show in Geneva. She became not only a reminder of the successes of the covered way, but at the same time - audacious attempt to look at the future of the brand.

This is a hybrid rear wheel drive coupe with power of 600 hp with a gasoline engine and electric motor, a unique design and a set of emerging technologies. Essence What exactly is not - this is the usual gift Infiniti brand to your own birthday.

New Infiniti Essence Concept Design And Performance
The concept embodies the fusion core brand values, priotkryvaya future and absorbed all the best achievements of the past. In Essence debuted a number of innovative technologies, including hybrid (petrol plus electric), as well as design features that will distinguish future models of Infiniti.

This concept is embodied the main postulate of philosophy Infiniti - "Inspired Performance" (The power of inspiration), which will become the driving force for the release of this model in the luxury segment of the super-coupe. It will also help strengthen the position of Infiniti in the most exclusive and emotional world of automobile brands.

Essence began his life is not in the design studio, a product planning department at Infiniti. Francois Bankon, General Manager of Product Planning the future, and his team may not even be anticipated at the outset of development, as will appear Essence, but they knew how it should be, and why it is so, and knew who he might like .

New Infiniti Essence Concept Design And Performance
Concept demonstrates, who may become future owners of this super-luxurious coupe. Bankon and his team of developers to build a picture of a typical scrupulous owner of Essence. The result was a loving portrait of a risk, uncompromising connoisseur the very best in life at the age of 42 years. «He did not need to flaunt their acquisition», said Bankon. «He is already on the next level of success, which is valued above all, to bring pleasure to yourself».

Francois Bankon continues: «We are looking for a new way of mixing different ingredients to create a car that reflects what is fashionable today, but it gives an opportunity to see the trends of the future. We wanted to create a car that is meant to be a cult. It must be exclusive, thoughtful and charming. For the driver, he must embody the essence of Essence (ie, the essence of Essence), expressed by the words: «All that I want and nothing that I do not want».

In terms of design and Essence is simple and surprisingly complex, and it looks like a classic car, and extremely dynamic at the same time. He radiates a strength and elegance. This car is one of those who saw one, you will not forget.

Infiniti designers are confident that the functionality of the car must be invisible, and will be used only when necessary. They call it a «hidden appliances». This name is reflected in functional minimalism, prevailing in the design of instruments and controls. Essence is not the driver makes mess of buttons and not to overload him with information and creates a pleasant atmosphere, allowing you to concentrate on getting the pleasure of driving.

The car had a feeling of luxury and warm hospitality thanks to the materials used, such as leather, Alcantara, wood, painted by hand by traditional Japanese lacquer products. Attention to detail is so great that even the skin on the backside of the right and left seats look different. Why? This is a reflection of the different methods used by Japanese men and women in kimono zapahivaya.

Essence Engine and transmission are designed to conform to the highest level of expectations of potential owners of this model. And they would like to get the absolute pleasure of driving. In Essence this pleasure raised to new heights, so this model debuted an innovative hybrid technology.

At Essence debuted a new type of electric motor, which is called 3D Motor, developed by taking into account the stringent requirements for size and power. As a result, the only engine in the form of a thin disk has twice as much torque as compared to conventional electric motors. Its design was created as a result of the analysis of three-dimensional magnetic field for the optimization of electromagnetic and permanent magnet rings.

Globally, the Infiniti brand has pledged to create a reliable car, equipped with the most advanced security systems.

At the Essence the first time presents the innovative technology in this field, guaranteeing that Infiniti cars remain one of the safest on the road. Foremost among them is the technology, called «The Shield Security» (Safety Shield), the appearance of which require long years of development aimed at creating an accident-free vehicle, which engineers have dreamed of Infiniti.

«Shield Security» complements two other new technologies to the already available at Infiniti of modern technology: the system of assistance to keep a distance Distance Control Assist (DCA) and the system designed to prevent escape lanes Lane Departure Prevention (LDP). The other two systems - system designed to prevent the side collision Side Collision Prevention (SCP) and the collision prevention system at the rear of Back-up Collision Prevention (BCP) extend to the «shield» around the machine, to prevent accidents.

If you change lanes Sensors System SCP, incorporated on the sides of the car, activate the alert system, if in the band, which intends to change the driver, identified approaching vehicle. Then, through an individual control system activates the braking of each wheel turning mechanism to prevent collisions. System Back-up Collision Prevention works the same way, identifying the location of another vehicle from behind, warning the driver, and then, if the warning is ignored, will use the brakes automatically.

At the creation of Essence lasted 20 years. This means the time it took to make the essence - its very existence, the quintessence of everything that embodies the Infiniti - was able to reach the current level of perfection. The idea of creating Infiniti first appeared in 1985, but its real birth was only in November 1989 when Infiniti first car was sold in North America. Today it is the fastest growing luxury brand in the United States.

New Infiniti Essence Concept Design And Performance
But Infiniti - it is more than the American brand. Today, Infiniti has more than 230 dealerships in 15 countries with global sales of 150 000 vehicles per year.

The success Infiniti brand obliged a number of factors, but one of the most important is the "Dynamic Adeyaka", the ideology behind each car Infiniti. The combination of ideology and of the privileged Adeyaka Customer Service Total Ownership Experience in the result becomes the basis for the three basic concepts that distinguish Infiniti: driving pleasure, the hospitality and tranquility at the wheel.

New Infiniti Essence Concept Design And Performance
These three values of the brand found its perfect reflection in the conceptual model of Essence, debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2009. Her debut, not only coincides with the anniversary of twenty marks, but is a response to the question of how to achieve success in the European market.

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