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New Generation E-Class from Mercedes-Benz Design Concept

New Generation E-Class from Mercedes-Benz Design ConceptNew Generation E-Class from Mercedes-Benz Design Concept, The new generation E-Class from Mercedes is expanding. At this time, premium line of cars were added to Stuttgart universal. In a network, the first official photos of Mercedes new items. The third member of the updated E-Class looks no different from the previous two - sedan and coupe. Apart form the rear of the body, of course. Before universal entirely repeats ?????????????? buyers Mercedes strict line of expensive cars.
Updated touring became slightly longer and wider than the current version of the "cargo" E-class. By increasing the dimensions of the car should be more comfortable for passengers, as well as more convenient for transportation of things. According to the manufacturer, E-Class Estate will be the largest in the premium segment. According to some sources, the maximum amount of luggage is almost 2 thousand liters (1950 liters). Incidentally, the back door of the machine opens automatically on a signal from the electronic ignition key or by pressing the button on its handle.

New Generation E-Class from Mercedes-Benz Design Concept
The new E-Class has to start with a number of innovative solutions such as system controls the degree of driver fatigue, automatic braking in case of an immediate threat of collision and the system of adaptive management of the head light. In addition to these innovations, the car is in production is also equipped with a rear air-suspension with adjustable ground clearance.

The new E-Class Estate has as standard equipped with nine airbags. Among them - knee airbag for the driver and the air bags to protect the pelvic girdle of the occupants. Line of engines offered for the Mercedes E-class Estate, will remain the same as that for the new sedan. Among the petrol engines will read 3.5-liter V6 power of 288 hp masthead and a 5-liter V8 power of 382 "horses". Among the diesel engine - 4-cylinder engine capacity of 168 hp, 201-strong unit volume turbocharged 2.5 liter and 3.5-liter V6 power of 228 hp In early 2010 they added a few more options for engines.

New Generation E-Class from Mercedes-Benz Design Concept
The official debut of the car to be held at the Motor Show in Frankfurt, which will be held in September this year. Home sales scheduled for November this year - a new station wagon will be in dealer showrooms of European brands. According to a press release the company, orders for the new E-Class estate in Russia will be accepted from December 2009. In Germany, the car will be sold at a price of 55.2 to 70.2 thousand euros for a complete set with petrol engines, the Autobild. Universale equipped with diesel units, will cost from 44.8 to 54.2 thousand euro.

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