New FIAT 500X Spotted testing Drive

New FIAT 500X Spotted testing Drive Front view

New FIAT 500X Spotted testing, A couple of months back, at the Geneva Engine Show, Jeep dispatched the Maverick. It is the most diminutive part of the Jeep family and with it the American firm is intending to profit by the little hybrid pattern that makes up such a lucrative piece of the business sector (with models, for example, Nissan's Juke and Kia's Spirit). 

In light of that stage will be an alternate little hybrid, the Fiat 500x. This is a legitimate imparting of assets inside the Fiat Chrysler family, dissimilar to a portion of the symbol designed models we've seen to date. 
The X model develops the 500 family, which presently comprises of the trapdoor, cabriolet and MPV-esque L model. Drivetrain choices and underpinnings are certain to be imparted between the Jeep and the Fiat, however the contrasts remotely and inside the lodge are self-evident. 
New FIAT 500X Spotted testing Drive back view
As should be obvious from the test donkey, the Fiat will emphasize inner part treatment that keeps it in accordance with other relatives, for example, the color coded facia. 
With models officially meandering the lanes, it is reputed that the 500x will make its open presentation at the Paris Engine Indicate later in the not so distant future.

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