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New Cayenne Diesel from Porsche


New Cayenne Diesel from Porsche back view
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New Cayenne Diesel from Porsche front view

New Cayenne Diesel from Porsche wheel view

Cayenne Diesel New models from Porsche which also was launched in Geneva is the Cayenne Diesel. It combines typical SUV dynamic of Porsche and economical fuel consumption. It can be obtained because these diesel engines produce a very large torque.Through a 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine is more refined sound and the power increasingly responsive. Previously, this machine dikilik first, so that the maximum power reaching 240 PS (176 kW). Furthermore, this Diesel SUV can dikebut reach a top speed of 214 km / hr.

New Cayenne Diesel from Porsche interior dashboardAccording to Porsche, PSM can provide an ideal symbiosis, both on the road smooth and off-road well. Mechanical power transmitted to the front and rear wheels firmly divided in accordance with road surface conditions.
New Cayenne Diesel from Porsche side viewWith maximum torque at 550 rpm Nm@2.000, Cayenne can sprint from 0-100 km / h in 8.3 seconds with Tiptronic S automatic transmission Meanwhile, fuel consumption average of 9.3 liter/100 km or 10.75 km / liter. Meaning, if the tank contains a full, 100 liters, can be used for a distance of 1075 km. Cayenne Diesel is made exclusively with Tiptronic S six-speed transmission. This vehicle is also equipped with PSM, Porsche Stability Management, which is adapted to the characteristics of diesel engines.

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