New Cascada Priced from £23,995 Check it out

New Cascada Priced from £23,995 Check it out

New Cascada Priced from £23,995 Check it out, The new four-seat open high model from Vauxhall and its sister company industrialist named the Cascada, are priced from £23,995 OTR once it reaches Great Britain showrooms this April.

Vauxhall says the soft-top convertible represents an outstanding worth for cash citing the worth of its nearest contender within the phase, the Audi A5 rig, that starts at £31,785 or nearly £8,000 more.

In all fairness, the bottom Audi sports a additional powerful one68hp (170PS) 1.8-liter turbo gas, whereas the entry-level Cascada makes do with a one.4-liter turbo gas churning out 138hp (140PS), once more} again, even the foremost potent and expensive  version of Vauxhall's cabrio with a 192hp (195PS) twin-turbocharged diesel is lower priced at £29,080.

Besides these 2 engines, the Cascada is additionally out there with a brand new one.6-liter Turbo gas churning out 168Hp (170PS), and a 2.0-liter turbo diesel with 163Hp (165PS).

Vauxhall's convertible model comes in 2 trims, with the entry level SE that includes 18-inch alloy wheels, light-emitting diode rear lights, aux-in/USB, and different comfort amenities as commonplace, whereas the high-ranking Elite adds animal skin trim, heated front seats and handwheel, and front fog lamps. elaborate rating follows below.

New Cascada Priced from £23,995 Check it out

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