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Mitsubishi ASX Outlander Sport concept


Mitsubishi ASX Outlander Sport concept showMitsubishi ASX Outlander Sport concept, After IIMS 2010, we tried the car in the country of origin is called the Mitsubishi RVR. Our test is currently the Mitsubishi ASX with Middle East specifications equipped 2.0-liter MIVEC engine gasoline, combined with 6-speed automatic transmission CVT and four wheel drive system (4WD).

From design, the ASX is looking sports saloon combines design with Mitsubishi Lancer Mitsubishi Outlander SUV aggressive. Yes, it is technically all three were sharing the same platform. ASX has the same wheelbase with the Outlander, but with a total length of cut 25 mm, and a lower height 65 mm.

Proper driving position can be easily obtained thanks to the seating arrangements and a wide wheel. Press the 'start-stop' on the dashboard, and quiet engine running in idle condition. Hit the gas pedal and start moving aggressively ASX show his best. Peak power generated from the 2.0 liter engine to 150 hp at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 197 Nm at 4200 rpm. This car ran pretty quiet at speeds slightly above 100 kpj, with little road noise that penetrates into the cabin.

As quick maneuvering, four-wheel drive system make this car more firmly planted on the asphalt, without oversteer or understeer feels symptoms are excessive. This drive system also helps control taste enough, considering this car basically has a fairly soft suspension. Facing the bumpy road surface, suspension 'McPherson strut' in front and 'multi-link' in the back able to absorb shocks to the steady and keep the stability of the car. Informative steering light enough to continue the road, but the rotation was too light at high speed.

6-speed automatic transmission CVT technology provides driving pleasure when operated manually via 'paddle shift' behind the wheel. Switching gear it feels soft and sprightly, both when raising and lowering gear to pass up 'engine brake'.

When trying to sit in the rear passenger seat, flexibility is obtained thanks to the leg and head room are relieved. Use Oultander platform seems to be very influential here. Unfortunately, the position of sitting in the back was too upright. This is potentially exhausting time to travel long distances, let alone no backrest arrangement, although it made postifnya hand luggage room feels airy. In fact, the luggage capacity behind the ASX reached 442 liters, and terdongkrak up to 1193 liters when the rear seats folded.

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