Mio Fiat FCC III Concept in Sao Paulo Motor Show

Mio Fiat FCC III Concept in Sao Paulo Motor ShowMio Fiat FCC III Concept Appeared in Sao Paulo Motor Show, Automotive manufacturers not cease to innovate, in order to create a vehicle that comfortable and friendly environment. As did the Italian car manufacturer, Fiat, which is famous for this mini-sized car made a breakthrough by introducing a concept car named Mio Fiat FCC III. This unique concept car introduced at the auto show titled Fiat Sao Paulo Motor Show, Brazil.
Mio Fiat FCC III is a four-wheeled vehicles the future with a futuristic design. Cars with a length of 2.5 meters and 1.5 meters high is a uniquely designed vehicle that reflects the future as portrayed through the movies. Parties Fiat mention Mio FCC III is designed to facilitate the performance befits a passenger because the driver of this car can control it with the intelligence they own.

Mio Fiat FCC III Concept in Sao Paulo Motor Show future concept
Future car has a design on the front ciamik panoramic glass roof of choice, with models like these riders will be more clear view in all directions. In addition, wheel covers were created to improve the aerodynamics Mio. While inside the cabin seat Fiat providing stylish and technologically advanced entertainment systems. The main energy of this electric car is expected to be a vehicle solution in the face of growing global warming. Fiat's own party hope in 2013 Mio FCC III can be produced

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