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Met-R BMW X6 Interceptor


Met-R BMW X6 Interceptor Front view

Met-R BMW X6 Interceptor back view
Met-R BMW X6 Interceptor wheel view
Met-R BMW X6 Interceptor Interior dashboard

Met-R BMW X6 Interceptor, Although Russia is known as one of the advanced industrial countries in Europe, but in the automotive field bears this red state is seldom known. However, the modifier of the experts in the field proved fertile in the country grew this red bear. They have brilliant ideas and no less than Western countries.

Russian original Timer Met-R be able to modify the BMW X6 off-road vehicles that appear macho to drive on the streets of nature. The color is too dark deliberately created around the body so that add nuance liar.BMW vehicle known as the X6 Sports Activity Coupe character was immediately given a cool name, Interceptor. In accordance with its name which means that an ambush, Met-R install / u / / body kit with a dynamic and aggressive design.

Not only that, the front bumper is made even larger with the addition of a wide air intake. In addition, the front grille was also changed den- ing style macho. In addition, two pairs of double fog lamp placed on the front. The result, the BMW X6 front view like a man who eyed sharp .Di side, Met-R-beating put-side skin new design makes X6 increasingly muscular. While jumbo light enough BBS Multiply spoke design two color finish.

Special rear, this Russian tuner add tailgate spoiler lip, redesigned exhaust and two new and two water /? Ns.Di Russia, a special package Interceptor BMW X6 is sold at USD 89.5 million. Met-R also provides a bid for the installation of carbon fiber body kit with a price of USD 29.5 million .for designing this package, the designer Zaur Khalilov using 3D software. Zaur Khalilov in design philosophy is to be indwidual modification, do not afraid to take risks and enjoy revolution.with presence of Met-R tuner marking the entry of Russia into the international arena modification market to compete with countries other Western European,

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