Mercedes SL65 AMG new Modification P1000


Mercedes SL65 AMG new Modification P1000 VIDMercedes SL65 AMG new Modification P1000, MKB Mercedes nicknamed P 1000. This form of engine modification package that can provide additional power for the SL 65 AMG, when compared with standard power is very much different.

Under normal circumstances only SL 65 AMG engine has been spelled out very energized evident from the work of a standard engine V12 bi-turbo 6.0-liter mated by the five-speed automatic transmission gearbox can blow as strong as 670-horsepower power. So what if the machine is undergoing modification in accordance with the performance package offered by MKB, which is definitely more powerful still, what the package does not include new water intakes, larger turbochargers, improved cooling systems, renewal of the ECU, and high performance camshafts so that the energy gained by the SL 65 AMG after used package P 1000 can reach 1000 horsepower and peak torque of 1.300 Nm (959 lb-ft)

Mercedes SL65 AMG new Modification P1000 ENERGI INTERIORNot only that P 1000 also includes the modification of five-speed transmission and offer a variety of limited slip differentials. Associated with new power gained SL 65 AMG is likely this car can go in a short time is 3.6 seconds at the distance of 0 to 100 km / hr. However unfortunate enough MKB has not determined the highest speed of this car while it was accelerated. MKB inform for transformation or a change machine takes up to three months.

Mercedes SL65 AMG new Modification P1000 BACK VIEW
Besides having a strong super power, plus a slim body shape indentations with front and rear lip spoiler, this car makes further strengthen its image as a sporty car smelled. Consider begin legs, alloy wheels with five fingers inserted under the body increasingly slick strong Mercedes SL 65 AMG

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