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Mercedes SL55 AMG Artificial Misha Promising Speed

Mercedes SL55 AMG Artificial Misha Promising Speed sportMercedes SL55 AMG Artificial Misha Promising Speed, When a car reshaped from home modifications leading to Mercedes models, such as Prior Design and Design Indent surely we will believe that the result will be better. But in November at SEMA Show, Los Angeles, home modifications Misha Designs will come with the preparation of wide body kits for Mercedes SL55 AMG gahar. And as far as we're talking about that, they will also give a lot of surprises just like any other home modifications.
With two sketches of a package of modifications which they send down, but these modifications can be ascertained does not include black carbon fins on top and rear bumpers, new water intakes, and the latter forged wheels. The reason behind why Mercedes SL55 AMG who became their choice. That's because the number of transactions that they received and the low millage of the SL55 AMG that this car is more to the collection vehicle segment.

Mercedes SL55 AMG Artificial Misha Promising Speed sporty
A Mercedes SL55 AMG with standard style is activated with 5.5-liter supercharged V8 engine that can provide a total power of 517 HP. By Misha Design optimistic to say that they have attracted some parts of the machine and play it with a few tricks that can satisfy the desire for speed rider. Although there is still no information of the performance figures announced

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