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Mazda3 Unveil two body types- sedan and hatchback Concept


Mazda3 Unveil two body types- sedan and hatchback Concept, If the beauty of the girl you have not been able to examine a car, say that the second generation Mazda3 is significantly different from the previous one. The Japanese did not hesitate to change shape, become so popular not only in our country.

The new "troika" has become like a sport. The front has a wide "smile" radiator grates. In two additional air intake on the edges of the front bumper fog lights hidden. Wheel arches have become more convex. On the dash board has a beautiful, rising from the front bumper to zadnemu.

Mazda3 is still available in two body types: sedan and hatchback. In profile sedan looks more like a former model, rather than the five-door bodyshell. A hatchback introduced additional "fortochka" at the back door. This controversial decision to allow the glass sink to the end. Quite a few changes in the cabin. Plastic has become softer, and finish fine.

Changed and the prices of popular models. The most affordable Mazda3 in bundling Direct with 1.6 liter engine and the MCP is proposed for 637 thousand rubles. Version with an automatic in the Touring is a complete set of 770 thousand.

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