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Maybach DRS, Wheeled Egg concept

Maybach DRS, Wheeled Egg concept future conceptMaybach DRS, Wheeled Egg concept, As we all know where the Maybach is a company that produces a variety of four-wheeled products, the company became part of Daimler AG or it can be said there is still a close relationship with Mercedes. To enliven the LA Auto Show Design Contest 2010 which is scheduled to take place this month, Maybach introduces new vehicle design that is Maybach DRS. Vehicles like this egg-shaped oval unique look especially coupled with the existence of two wheels as well.
Among the models of Mercedes-Benz luxury and sporty character meyelinap a unique egg-shaped vehicle. This one concept vehicle created to meet the needs of society in general, often through urban areas. DRS name itself is an abbreviation of Den-Riki-Sha or electric-powered rickshaw. DRS in activated by units of electricity balancing work as a computer onboard but no opinion stating how powerful this concept drove eggs but by the creator of this car is very possible to have power because it is equipped with a pedal.

Maybach DRS, Wheeled Egg concept space concept
DRS planned to become a vehicle of the future and also as a pioneer of a unique vehicle concept, Mercedes called it a Naturally Manufactured Vehicle (NMV) first. The meaning of the abbreviation of this vehicle has a body construction of alternative production methods that futuristic ultra-light fiber with exterior appearance of luxury and unique nuances and expressions inside. Design amazing Maybach DRS, is expected to grow according to the availability of new energy sources, propulsion systems and alternative production methods

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