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Lexus GS350 High powered

Lexus GS350 High poweredLexus GS350 High powered, luxurious and sporty character it has become typical of Japanese cars this one just call it the Lexus GS. But what about the look of luxury Lexus GS350 which has experienced a change thanks to the Auto Service or Mori Mori-san. Note the outer side of this car, despite outward appearances Lexus GS350 does not change much but we conclude that this car look very deceiving how the outer side of this car is not very fancy but it seems lost in the luxury replaced some of the devices led to the appearance of drift and high performance machine parts.

Still rely on the original manufacturer's body, the workshop is only adding accessories such as body kit front bumper using the T & E Vertex. To keep it longer appear more sporty and powerful, the engine mechanic at the garage to pin a 2JZ engine swap not only that Mori-san systems replace the standard six-speed transmission Lexus slushbox with six-speed manual transmission gearbox from the JZA80 Supra. If they mated the result is this car could glide as strong as 650 horsepower.

Lexus GS350 High powered

Performance improvements for the car, muscular legs section is dominated by devices such as solid and sporty style in a custom front suspension, rear links and tension rods, while the legs of chrome alloy wheels mounted with radius and wrapped a lot of quality tires. Besides that Mori-san kenalpot build a titanium material, consisting of two twins and that it looked like the letter "V" when viewed from under the car.

Lexus GS350 High powered
Entering the cabin space, although this car appears neat interior does not look like a luxury car most of it now refers more to the car drift. With reference to the drift force is reasonable if this car gets a sporty 2 seat complete with seat belts, roll bars, side hydraulic brake, center console and custom gauges and switches. Mori apparently penetrated up into the modification of a car trunk, in order to optimize the balance of the fuel tank is placed at some distance inside along with a collector tank and nitrous oxide canister

Lexus GS350 High poweredLexus GS350 High powered

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