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Kia Sorento UVO voice-control interface

Kia Sorento UVO voice-control interface front viewKia Sorento UVO voice-control interface: Making its debut in the 2011 Sorento SUV, the UVO (your voice) system allows hands-free, voice-activated operation of the car's stereo as well as plug-in accessory devices such as MP3 players, PDAs and USB memory sticks. The driver can also send and receive phone calls (and text messages) via voice prompt. UVO features adaptive software that helps it learn each driver's different voice pattern - and it's fluent in multiple languages.
Kia Sorento UVO voice-control interface INTERIOR DASHBOARDKia says UVO should help drivers keep their eyes on the road - and their hands on the wheel - instead of looking at and fiddling with lots of buttons as they drive.

Ford's Sync system - which came out about two years ago - is similar but less advanced. For example, UVO can directly access the Internet through a wireless connection to continuously update its software, features and functions - which implies that UVO could also enable drivers to access e-mail and even surf the web while in their cars.

Kia Sorento UVO voice-control interface BACK VIEW
Ford is working on an updated version of its Sync technology that reportedly will allow the same thing - although it's still an open question whether it's a good idea for drivers to be surfing the Information Highway while they're driving down the actual highway.

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