Kangoo Express Z.E First Appearance


Kangoo Express Z.E First Appearance back view

Kangoo Express Z.E First Appearance, First appearance of the Renault Kangoo Express ZE in the exhibition International Commercial Vehicle show in Hanover, Germany. Kangoo Express ZE is a variant of the car commercial with the overall electrical system. Renault to sell this car at a price 20 000 Euros, but ZE Kangoo Express comes with an additional tax of up to 5000 Euro for certain countries in Europe.

Like France, which offers tax credits for low-emission vehicle which knocked the price to 15,000 Euros excluding VAT. Vehicles made specifically for this commercial move on battery power 22 kWh lithium-ion electric motor that can turn that 44 kW (60PS/59 bhp) and 226 Nm (167 lb-ft) of torque rotation. Kangoo Express ZE mileage to cover the distance to 160 km or 99 miles.

Kangoo Express Z.E First Appearance drive dashboard interior
Renault claims that to charge the battery Express Kangoo ZE and costs 1 to 2 euros, but it all depends on electricity tariffs in each region. Kangoo Express ZE as a commercial vehicle has a capacity of 650 kg in the standard model. And Kangoo will begin to attack the European market by mid next year

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