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Infiniti Releases Sketch of the first hybrid car

Infiniti Releases Sketch of the first hybrid car front viewInfiniti Releases Sketch of the first hybrid car, Another car company plans to issue a call it environmentally friendly vehicles Infiniti. Yes, a Japanese luxury car company has just released a sketch drawing applying hybrid cars which they called Infiniti EV 2013. Sketch a picture is shown directly by the Senior Vice President, Andy Palmer on the sidelines of the opening of the Piccadilly Centre in London. Rumors about the emergence of these hybrid vehicles had been heard since the year 2009. If you truly realized, Infiniti EV will be the first production Infiniti vehicles that use hybrid system.

If seen from these sketches they claim that the presence of his stylish compact hybrid car powered with high performance. Designed has 5 seats, cabin shades will look luxurious and very comfortable when used in everyday life. Not only that technology is applied cangggih allegedly engine can produce zero exhaust emissions. It is reported also that the presence of new models from Nissan's Infiniti based Leaf, it could be or is likely Infiniti products are carrying the same technology under the door of the machine. Nissan Leaf itself has a maximum power of 107 horsepower.

Infiniti Releases Sketch of the first hybrid car wheell
In the opening of the Piccadilly Centre, Infiniti also konseps Essence show car that is claimed to produce power as strong as 592 horsepower, along with his siblings as the all-new M Line which reportedly had to be ordered. M Line is available in 2 petrol V6 engine option and V6 diesel, the plan M Line will also produce a hybrid-system engine next spring. cars scheduled akans present at the Paris Motor Show this week

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