Hyundai city car planned for next Baby Brother of Kona suv


Hyundai city car planned for next Baby Brother of Kona suv

New Hyundai city car planned for next Baby Brother of Kona suv, Korean whole confirms set up for A-segment SUV by 2020 - further as a full work unit version of recent Kona

Hyundai is about to offer its new Kona SUV a baby brother - further as launching a bigger model than the state capital because it tries to expand its all-terrain bike line-up.

Speaking at the reveal of the New Kona in Seoul, Hyundai’s vice-chairman Chung Eui-sun declared that the corporate would “reflect customers’ needs” by increasing its SUV vary any over following 3 years. “We have analysed the wants of our customers in la and alternative cosmopolitan cities,” Chung same. “As you recognize, the SUV phase is reaching saturation however we have a tendency to believe there’s larger potential for growth within the B-segment.

“Our set up is to return up with A-segment SUV - smaller than Kona SUV - by 2020 - and then we would like to embrace from A-segment to E-segment. We’re additionally about to roll out associate E-segment SUV that’s larger than state capital. we would like our line-up to mirror our customers’ wants.”

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It’s possible that Hyundai’s European and kingdom divisions would take into account commerce a smaller SUV; but, a good larger automotive than the state capital would in all probability be restricted to markets like North America.

Hyundai’s management confirmed at the Kona launch event that associate work unit version of the new Nissan Juke rival can create its debut in 2018, with a variety of “more than 390km” (242 miles) on one charge.

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