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Get ready for the birth of small-Lexus

Get ready for the birth of small-LexusGet ready for the birth of "Baby-Lexus! Luxury division of Toyota prepares to add the Golf hatchback class in its model lineup. The pre-series prototype debut very soon - in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Toyota bosses will now hold all the information in the strictest secret, known only the name of the concept-kara - C-Premium.
Today, the issuance of a limo so expensive crossovers is full you will not be, and to grow - so that, to evolve - just hard to stand on their feet in our time of financial instability, it is necessary to sacrifice image - as in the anecdote about the new Russian, suffered thirst, which flop in the puddle and started drinking from it greedily.

Lexus aims at that market segment, which is now very popular just among premium car manufacturers. New product will compete with such models as the BMW 1 and the Audi A3. The car, which is likely to receive a letter code LS or CS, is based on a modified platform of Toyota Auris and this will be the first front-driver "Lexus."

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