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G Power X6 Typhoon RS Concept

G Power X6 Typhoon RS Concept seat view
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G Power X6 Typhoon RS Concept side viewG Power X6 Typhoon RS Concept side viewWith the V10 configuration X6 Typhoon RS G POWER once again presents a car that can only be described with superlatives. X6 M standard with twin turbo engine that has been supported by the power unit is impressive, but the standard engine BMW has not been able to evoke emotion in the same manner as in the machine M POWER. For this reason the G POWER engineers decided to adapt them to M X6 with a breath taking performance of Formula 1 technology.

A powertrain / engine proper and in accordance with the philosophy of G POWER is on about speed. A high-revving engine with throttle response, immediately showed his character by 5.0 l V10 engine unit of power produced by M GmbH. "The purpose behind the application V10 X6 G POWER Typhoon RS main is besides designed to build a sport utility vehicle the world's fastest intended also to create a vehicle V10 interesting with the power unit M GmbH's", added director G POWER's Christian Stober and Zoran Zorneke talking about the technical specifications X6 M is the ultimate.

Like all vehicles built by the factory complex G POWER, 100% oriented towards customer needs, consider the interior, instrumentation and strict limits on the amount of each edition is the key to the company's thinking. Circle G POWER V10 client X6 cyclone main hospitals have been published clearly aiming for the fans who love the power unit is unfortunately no longer available in the future.

Commitment like that is always embedded in it until bold claim if X6 G V10 RS POWER typhoon as the world's fastest SUV. Running from 0 to 100 km / h requires only 4.2 seconds. In less than 13.0 seconds this extraordinary SUV had run up to 200 km. Peak speed of more than 330 km / hr. So that the owner of one of the five X6 units Hurricane G POWER RS V10s available in the world can enjoy the fastest speed with a series of comprehensive safety features, shaped front and rear spoiler, trimmed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency that provides downforce. G POWER looks elegant with curved wings at the front and rear wheels to make room for 23-inch G-POWER Silverstone RS 11Jx23 details 12Jx23 in front and behind. Alloy coatings in pairs round of Michelin tires to ensure optimal traction and control of the SUV driving this sport.

Bringing G POWER V10 RS X6 cyclone from its peak back to zero velocity is a task of high-tech brake system equipped with a 410 mm carbon ceramic brake discs and six piston calipers. This system allows slowdown better than the pull of gravity, while at the same time this system provides weight savings of 50% compared with the standard brake system.

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