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Full Review Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2017


Full Review Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2017 Front view

The Full Review Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2017,  Mitsubishi traveller plug-in hybrid was the primary of its kind, however there area unit some compromises if you wish the foremost economical 4x4 on sale

The Mitsubishi Outlander capitalised on the demand for low emissions vehicles once it had been initial launched, however currently that rival makers have joined the fray, it's a so much harder task on its hands to seize sales from a range of gifted rivals.

It's still a novel providing inside its a part of the SUV sector, due to its plug-in hybrid drive system, which suggests that it delivers super-low running prices compared to its diesel rivals, particularly for business users. However, the petrol-electric drive system very is that theMitsubishi PHEV's major point, as a result of all told alternative respects it is not the foremost fashionable SUV, and it cannot match rivals for quality or driving dynamics.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2017 3h

When it arrived within the kingdom late in 2013, the Outlander PHEV wasn't only one of the primary plug-in hybrid models to travel on sale, it had been additionally the primary SUV to come back with plug-in hybrid drive. PHEV stands for Plug-in Hybrid electrical Vehicle, and that is specifically what you get with the Mitsubishi  PHEV. It comes with a two.0-litre four-cylinder gasolene engine, 2 60kW electrical motors and electric battery pack rated at 12kWh. The lithium-ion battery is charged via a flap on the rear quarters on the alternative facet of the fuel filler flap, and once the battery is absolutely charged, you'll be able to realistically travel up to twenty five miles on battery power alone.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is predicated on the quality  Outlander  SUV, therefore it received identical vary of updates as a part of the 2015 vary facelift, whereas additional minor updates were created at the beginning of 2017. This includes a replacement grille and lights front and rear, whereas the inside gained new school within the variety of Apple CarPlay and mechanical man car phone property. There are many tweaks underneath the skin, too, with improved potency from the hybrid drive system. Claimed economy is currently 166mpg, compared to 156mpg for the older model, whereas emissions of 41g/km area unit tempting for business users.

Prices for the  Outlander PHEV begin at around £34,000, that is regarding identical because the costliest diesel-powered traveller. whereas the diesel vary contains two, three and four trims, the PHEV comes in 3h, 4h and 5h specs, and Juro and Kotu special editions, whereas the four and five models also are offered in hs description with even additional kit. the foremost costly model prices regarding £46,000.

The PHEV will presently qualify for the govt. Plug-in automobile Grant. However, that is almost the inducement it once was, as a result of it presently solely knocks £2,500 off the asking price, instead of the £5k incentive for 100 percent electrical cars. and since of the modification in road tax rates in Apr 2017, the traveller isn't any longer exempt, whereas models cost accounting over £40,000 area unit costly to tax for personal consumers.

There area unit 2 styles of rivals for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. the primary area unit the SUVs, that vary from premium models like the Land Rover Discovery Sport, Audi Q5 and Lexus NX, to additional thought cars like the Honda CR-V and Kia Sorento. Then there area unit the plug-in hybrid alternatives. the sole SUVs to supply one thing similar area unit costly models from Volvo, BMW, Audi and Porsche, however cars that area unit nearer in value embody the Audi A3 e-tron, Mercedes C 350 e, BMW's 330e and i3 vary Extender, and Volkswagen's Golf and Passat GTEs and therefore the Toyota Prius Plug-in.

Full Review Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2017 back side view

Engines, performance and drive

Hybrid drive works swimmingly, however additional weight of batteries may be felt with the firm ride
Like all electrically aided models, the traveller PHEV starts up with a beep instead of a crank of the electric motor. And if you've got a full charge within the batteries, then you'll be able to expect to travel up to twenty five miles on the electrical motors alone. One possibility you've got is to retain electrical drive for later use - if you are going to be driving on the expressway so in city, as an example, you'll be able to save the batteries for the urban section of your drive, wherever the energy are higher used.

When the engine will fan the flames of, it's quiet and does not cause any hesitation or irregularity within the drivetrain, which suggests that pretty sleek progress most of the time. However, the additional weight of the batteries has had a harmful impact on the traveller PHEV's ride. Stiff suspension suggests that bumps and potholes send judders through the automobile, therefore whereas it's quiet, the traveller PHEV isn't very settled.

And that firm ride doesn't suggest there is a fun driving expertise to be had, either. The steering is lightweight and numb, and whereas there is sensible grip, the automobile rolls into bends due to the additional weight of the batteries.


The single engine alternative within the PHEV is Mitsubishi's two.0-litre MIVEC gasolene unit, that may be a non-turbo version of the engine that wont to power the trooper Evo. Here it makes 119bhp, and combined with the 2 60kW electrical motors (one for the front shaft, one for the rear) the PHEV contains a total combined output of 200bhp. that is pretty modest, and since four-wheeled drive is just provided once the rear motor is running (there's no propshaft connecting the front and rear axles), most of the time you are managing with but the most output.

At least you've got the direct drive of the electrical motors at your disposal, which suggests that a claimed 0-62mph time of eleven.0 seconds, that is cheap enough for Associate in Nursing SUV of this size, and is six-tenths quicker than the diesel automatic traveller.

MPG, greenhouse gas and running prices

Low emissions profit business users, whereas economy depends on however usually you plug the PHEV into the mains, The headline economy and emissions figures for the traveller PHEV work fascinating reading, with a greenhouse gas output of 41g/km and economy of 166mpg victimisation the official Government take a look at technique. The latter figure will not mean abundant in everyday use, however once car specific ran Associate in Nursing traveller PHEV, we tend to might see important gains in fuel potency once the automobile was obstructed in to charge on a daily basis. accept the engine alone, and you will not get past the 40mpg barrier fairly often.

That 41g/km emissions figure compares favorably with the Audi A3 e-tron (38g/km) and family friendly VW Passat GTE (39g/km), however is not quite an match for the Prius Plug-in (22g/km) or BMW i3 (12g/km). because the PHEV may be a plug-in, it qualifies for rock bottom profit in a similar way tax rating, therefore business users can pay around 2 thirds the number a diesel traveller company automobile driver can.

Private consumers will not save the maximum amount cash, in road tax a minimum of. From Apr 2017, plug-in hybrids were now not road tax exempt, and therefore the traveller PHEV prices £130 a year in road tax. However, higher description 4h/hs and 5h/hs models price in far more than £40,000, so that they area unit £440 a year to tax for 5 years once the primary year of registration. Lower-spec PHEVs are a more robust used provide 5 years time, though, after they once more are road tax exempt.


The traveller PHEV is not an excellent automobile for depreciation, though it will marginally higher than its diesel counterpart. ab initio the govt. Plug-in automobile Grant meant the PHEV was an analogous value to the diesel, however the attraction of free road tax and sensible economy meant it had been additional fascinating. currently that the road tax laws have modified and therefore the Government’s Plug-in automobile Grant is lower, it remains to be seen however values of the PHEV area unit affected.

Full Review Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2017 interior dashboard view

Interior, style and technology

While the running gear is sophisticated, the cabin is wanting rather dated as compared
There's a real 'Japanese' feel to the traveller PHEV's interior. There area unit lots of laborious plastics, nearly all of that area unit black, whereas the dashboard is festooned with switches that also are made from laborious plastic. The dashboard is dominated by an oversized touchscreen, and options a short gear selector to a lower place it, whereas the instrument housing options a speedo Associate in Nursingd an energy meter, rather than a rev counter.

In between the 2 may be a digital color show that shows energy flow between the drive systems. this will be controlled via the multifunction handwheel, that additionally has controls for the adaptative controller, audio, phone and regenerative braking intensity.

Mitsubishi's nav system appears slightly dated compared to rivals. the newest version options Apple CarPlay and mechanical man car for improved smartphone property, however the gawky touchscreen and slow controls area unit alittle of a frustration.

And no matter you are doing, the traveller can beep to apprise you that you have done one thing. whether or not it's modification the station, shut the powered tailgate, open the door with the ignition on or place the automobile into reverse and activate the rear camera, the traveller can beep to the purpose of frustration.

Practicality, comfort and boot house

As an SUV, the traveller is not the most spacious, however it's one in every of the roomier plug-in hybrids offered
The traveller PHEV has a plus over variety of its plug-in hybrid rivals as a result of it's quite sensible. As it's supported the traveller SUV body, there is lots of house on provide to accommodate the hybrid drive system whereas still delivering sensible house for 5 individuals and their bags within. Boot house is sweet, though the rear seats do not fold utterly flat like they are doing within the commonplace traveller diesel.

However, compared to alternative SUVs the traveller PHEV is not the most spacious SUV. It seats 5, however the Kia Sorento and Hyundai state capital area unit solely marginally larger and have space for seven within.

If you are thinking of victimisation the PHEV for towing, it's price noting that the hybrid model contains a one.5 weight unit most towing capability, compared to a two-tonne gamma hydroxybutyrate for the diesel version.

Reliability and Safety

Mitsubishi contains a credible name for building reliable cars, and therefore the PHEV ought to be a powerful entertainer
If there is one issue that Japanese automobile manufacturers may be pleased with, it's their name for responsibleness. Mitsubishi contains a sturdy diary of building robust cars and SUVs - solid partially by success in rallying and cross-country desert races - and therefore the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV ought to be another sturdy challenger.

The electrics and mechanicals area unit all tried and tested - the gasolene engine is predicated on identical unit the firm employed in its rally cars - whereas the hybrid drive system can are extensively tested before being place into production. The 2015 and 2017 updates can have addressed any problems with the hybrid system, too, whereas Mitsubishi covers the hybrid battery for a hundred,000 miles. that is on prime of the quality five-year/62,500-mile warrantee that is commonplace with all Mitsubishi models. Service intervals for the PHEV area unit identical as they're for the diesel traveller, too, at 12,500 miles or each twelve months.

Full Review Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2017 back view

The traveller contains a big selection of safety kit, plenty of which can beep at you to allow you to recognize it's operating. Forward collision alert, brake assist, emergency braking and emergency stop assist area unit all enclosed, whereas tyre pressure monitors and 2 Isofix seat mounts area unit fitted.

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