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Fiat will launch Roadster Series


Fiat will launch Roadster Series

Fiat will launch Roadster Series, Italian manufacturer, Fiat plans to launch his newest output Fiat Uno car roadster version. The concept of the new variant will be exhibited for the first time in the event the Sao Paulo Auto Show in Brazil which will be held from 17 October to 7 November. The event is really going to be utilized by the manufacturer Fiat to introduce a new theme concept Fiat Uno is thick with the smell of sporty.

Although still a concept but the manufacturer promises to showcase real cars that only charged two people. The car is scheduled to be produced is limited in the near future gasoline engine equipped with 1.4-liter turbocharged 152 horsepower capacity. It has a sturdy chassis that can support a more responsive suspension performance. Fusion body kit and 17-inch diameter lightweight alloy wheels make the look more aggressive

The roadster is also not combined with the standard model and also trim the suspension application 'flat' which is lower than 20mm from its normal size. Exclusive color orange will be presented in a special complete with front and rear spoiler. Same with the series roadster, sporty touch will be given to this exclusive variants as well as on the trim and dashboard panels and chair seats

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