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Ferrari Sale Shares to Public

Ferrari Sale Shares to Public logo ferrariFerrari Sale Shares to Public, Maybe you become part of people who are lucky to have a Ferrari so the inside of your life. But few people are still not very far from the plane just to have a Ferrari 458 California or Italy to be placed in the garage. But this does not mean you can not have a piece of the company such Marranello supercar maker. According to the statement of Fiat SpA CEO Sergio Marchionne that there is a possibility of an IPO can be a problem for Ferrari cars in 2014.
Ferrari Sale Shares to Public wheel view
We know that some fans would jump with joy if you know this. Because it is possible to buy only one stock ferrari only, to become one of the features ornaments that hung on the wall of the house. but the question now is how many shares will be sold from a company that only sells more than 6000 vehicles per year? Will certainly very little. Morgan Stanley was honored recently for an exotic car maker's sales reached U.S. $ 3.1 billion or U.S. $ 100 million more than the volume of Fiat.

It's not painful as you imagine, Ferrari routinely profit of U.S. $ 300 million to U.S. $ 400 million, with profit margins 13 percent of each vehicle price. Of course with exceptional branding and include everything from clothing to electronics this is a ridiculous advantage.

Meanwhile, Ferrari's IPO will be a little liquid gold for Fiat, Marchionne also said that he was more in love with Turin, Italy-based carmaker's return to its traditional style with a shareholding of 90 percent. Since 10 percent of Enzo Ferrari's son was revealed to the company. Yes, if the car is still far from expectations. Any piece of their shares so

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