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Enco modifF Package Offer For BMW X6

Enco modifF Package Offer For BMW X6 back viewEnco modifF Package Offer For BMW X6, Maybe for some people view the BMW X6 is very good but not for the German tuner Enco. Dissatisfaction with appearance standard BMW X6 exclusive packages to make them out either form a new body on the front and rear. The model will be marketed as a Sports Activity Coupe (SAC) by this new BMW vehicles are like SUV class according to most people so they turn it into a new star. Alteration packages are offered only to the extent there are subtle changes not only using elements of extreme changes Inside.
Enco modifF Package Offer For BMW X6 front viewThe design of the outer body offered in the form Enco front fascia has been updated with a new grille and front of the house that use LED lights. This package also comes with wheel arch extensions, side skirts and the latest as a bold appearance features, and design corner. Form of the door also changed slightly to make it more look perfect when juxtaposed with the latest and side skirts groove crown wheel.

Enco modifF Package Offer For BMW X6 front wheel
Not quite up there, the package also offers a change Enco on the rear bumper so that the function increases as a home diffuser. For an extra touch of vehicle sound, Enco BMW X6 comes with four new racing pipe which has integrated rear bumper. SAC stands above the origin of this German super-lightweight aluminum alloy wheels of 23 inch diameter and Camp in balur black paint. As we can see the exterior features of the BMW X6 Enco given two colors that touch of matt black and silver metallic.

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