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Dodge Viper Will Alfa Romeo 8C Skin changes

Dodge Viper Will Alfa Romeo 8C Skin changes front view
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Dodge Viper Will Alfa Romeo 8C Skin changes?, As we know that the snake in its life cycle, always change the skin on a regular basis. After changing the skin from the old to the new one, the snake will have a more shiny and the skin clean. Snake skin also functions as a means of camouflage for hunting or protection from predators. Things like this seem to also occur in the automotive world today. Maybe this could be a hoax a unique and trustworthy as well of course.

Last week in a conference dealers, the chief Fiat / Chrysler Sergio Marchionne was reported when the pull the curtain from the latest-generation Dodge Viper. With the usual model which has undergone cutting, with our interests, to say the least and make us worried with this development. Maybe so far we did not understand what makes Marchionne worry. But if we see that following the latest reports, it is understandable concerns come from anywhere.

Dodge Viper Will Alfa Romeo 8C Skin changes side view
The latest Viper model is expected late next year or next slide will be out in early 2012. They are afraid to resemble the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione looks but the only plus front and rear of a Dodge distinctiveness. It would be embarrassing for Alfa styling is the biggest asset, in terms of chassis and dynamic performance was less favored. If this is true, Alfa like being attacked by a Viper. Although there were many rumors that said automobile is only conjecture

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