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Concept Plan Zenos E10 sportcar


Concept Plan Zenos E10 sportcar, Range topping 350bhp Zenos E10 planned Zenos is designing a Ford Focus RS engined version of its E10 sports automobile, with the maximum amount as 350bhp

concept Plan Zenos E10 sportcar side viewconcept Plan Zenos E10 sportcar front light viewconcept Plan Zenos E10 sportcar front view
Zenos is designing a a lot of powerful version of its E10 sports automobile that might share its engine with the Ford Focus RS, Autocar understands.
The new strenuous variant of the Zenos  E10 is poised be part of the Zenos  E10 and Zenos E10S in Zenos’s line-up.
Company boss Mark Edwards has antecedently hinted that the Zenos E10’s chassis is capable of handling a lot of power, and a more durable, a lot of targeted version of the Zenos E10 is that the next logical step for the corporate because it seeks to ascertain itself within the low-volume sports automobile market.
The logical engine possibility for the newest Zenos E10 version being ready at the firm’s city headquarters would be a a lot of powerful version of the turbocharged a pair of.0-litre Ford Ecoboost unit employed in the E10 (with 200bhp) and E10S (250bhp).
But Autocar understands the new Ford Focus RS’s a pair of.3-litre Ecoboost engine is additionally into account because the a lot of favoured possibility, and is known to suit within the Zenos  E10’s chassis. an influence output in way over 300bhp may be a certainty whichever engine is chosen, one thing that may offer the remake of the Zenos E10 a power-to-weight quantitative relation in way over 500bhp per t.
A whole suite of different modifications would even be enclosed as a part of the new performance model, with enhancements to the brakes and equipment shift understood to be 2 areas specifically the corporate can specialise in.
Despite the additional performance, the remake of the Zenos E10 can keep faithful Zenos’s cheap roots, and can considerably undercut models like the Lotus 3-Eleven and Caterham 620R that its power-to-weight quantitative relation are going to be a match.

concept Plan Zenos E10 sportcar back view

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