Citroen C4 Facelift Introduced in Paris Auto Show


Citroen C4 Facelift  Introduced in Paris Auto Show front viewCitroen C4 Facelift will be Introduced at the Paris Auto Show, Paris Auto Show will soon be held, twisted a few car companies which will participate the exhibition was also staged in advance of performance ability by introducing a superior product that the plan will appear in the Paris Auto Show. One such car company Citroen, recently showed Citroen C4 Picasso first photos of Facelift. Reportedly, the latest variant of the C4 Picasso will actually be seen clearly in the arena in 2010 Paris Auto Show, next October.

Not much information given by the parties to the compact MPV Citroen this. Yet from the first photo of this view we can slightly see any big changes happened. The big change is visible outside, namely using LED headlights. There are big changes there are also small changes made such as the use of alloy wheels Citroen Scandola and Malawi to 17-inch alloys, while on the inside, C4 Facelift will get the steering wheel with the latest design.

Reportedly, besides the exterior and interior parts of the heart or the C4 engine will also be a slight change. As we have seen the emergence of a capacity of five passenger cars occurred in 2006 when the parties utilize Citroen Moment 2006 Paris Auto Show to introduce the French public kehadapan C4, now the historical memories reoccur Citroen C4 Picasso introduced the latest variant of the same

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